Emmett Ientilucci
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Talking with NASA Head, Daniel Goldin

I'm currently a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Chester F. Calson, Center for Imaging Science (CIS). If you're wondering what the heck is imaging science, click HERE!

While there, I work in the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory (DIRS). Here we focus on imaging the earth's environment in the visible, near infrared, and thermal infrared spectral regions. We use modeling tools, field measurements, and synthetic image generation to understand how remotely sensed data can be used to study environmental processes.

Our research has two major thrusts. The first involves design of instrumentation to image the earth and development of methods to extract quantitative information from remotely sensed data. The second involves development of methods to generate synthetic images of what the earth would look like to airborne or satellite imaging systems. These synthetic image generation tools include models of the thermal and radiometric behavior of the earth and the atmosphere which attempt to simulate all of the important factors that influence the signal level recorded by sensors operating in the visible through the thermal infrared portions of the spectrum.

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