Emmett Ientilucci
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I have been playing drums for the majority of my life now. If you want to get a real laugh, check out these pictures (pic1, pic2) after only playing for 6 months. At 15 yrs old, I was into all that 80's rock stuff.

When I'm not at work, I'm out playing my regular gig with Me & the Boyz. We're working just about every weekend.

Actually, while at work, I play with a trio made up of a couple of colleagues. Click here to see a picture of us in action! We play gigs at the local coffee house.

Check out Buddy Rich yelling at his band members.

Check out the drum charts page.

My current drum set-up

Photo I took backstage at the Zildjian Show in NYC (1991). Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Kenny Aronoff, Tris Imboden and Ian Wallace. That's Sonny Emory in the background.
Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, etc

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