Senior Project / Capstone Guidelines

The faculty of the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science agrees that a significant capstone research experience at the undergraduate level is a factor that is both important to the education of future imaging scientists and preparatory for the environment they will enter after graduation - whether that environment is graduate school or the work place. It is understood that this capstone research experience can be achieved in different ways, and certain unique situations may arise that allow for deviation from the proposed approach with the approval of the CIS Undergraduate Coordinator. Click here to view Senior Project guidelines and requirements.

Senior Project Research Form
Senior Project Mid-Course Review Form
Senior Project Final Review Form
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Past Senior Projects

Imaging Science Tracks

Seniors are required to take a 2-course sequence known as an Imaging Science Track. The following tracks are available. Seniors may also design a custom track with the undergraduate coordinator if desired.

COS-IMGS-528 Design and Fabrication of a Solid State Camera
COS-IMGS-539 Principles of Solid State Imaging Arrays
COS-IMGS-542 Testing of Focal Plane Arrays

COS-IMGS-431 Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing
COS-IMGS-432 Advanced Application of Remote Sensing
COS-IMGS-433 Remote Sensing Systems Engineering
COS-IMGS-723 Remote Sensing: Spectral Image Analysis (permission of instructor)
COS-IMGS-722 Remote Sensing: Systems, Sensors, and Radiometric Image Analysis (permission of instructor)

CIAS-SOFA-311 Image Capture and Production Technology
CIAS-SOFA-312 Digital Post-Production Technology

CIAS-IMPT-312 High Speed Imaging
CIAS-SOFA-363 Computational Photography

COS-IMGS-730 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
COS-IMGS-731 Ultrasound Imaging
COS-IMGS-733 Medical Imaging Systems



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