Mitchell R. RosenMitchell R. Rosen

Research Professor
Center for Student Innovation room 1670
(585) 475-7691

Mitchell R. Rosen is research professor in the Center for Student Innovation and is Director of the Infinite Pixel Liberation Laboratory.

Formerly with the Munsell Color Science Laboratory of the Center for Imaging Science, he was a research professor (2004 - 2010) and a senior color scientist (1998 - 2004). During 2006-2007 he was acting chair of the Digial Cinema program in the School of Film and Animation. He has taught color science, imaging science, film and innovation courses. His interests include social imaging, innovative display technology, spectral and colorimetric color reproduction, color management, museum imaging, visual perception and eye tracking. He has taught tutorials on color reproduction, color management and computational optimization methods for color reproduction.

From 2005 to 2010, Mitchell organized and hosted the Center for Imaging Science weekly Seminar Series.

Mitchell also helped organize the October, 2006 20th anniversary celebration for the Center for Imaging Science. At the celebration the first inaugerations for the new Imaging Hall of Fame were announced. One Hall of Fame honoree was also the evening's keynote speaker, Dr. George E. Smith, co-inventor of the Charge Coupled Device (read Mitch's introduction of Dr. Smith). George Smith is pictured below with Mitch at the event.

George E. Smith (left) co-inventor of the CCD with Mitch in front of the new Hall of Fame placque that honors himself and Wlliard S. Boyle for their1969 invention at Bell Labs. Picture was taken October 6, 2006 after Dr. Smith's Keynote speach titled "Invention and Early History of the CCD."

From 1998 - June, 2004 Mitch was a senior color scientist with the Munsell Color Science Laboratory.  During most of that time, he worked closely with Xerox Prof. Noboru Ohta. As assistant to the Xerox Chair, Mitch helped lead many research projects and was responsible for administering approximately $1.5 million in grants, contracts and corporate relationships over that time.  Among their research projects, they developed methods for designing four-channel cameras that was subsequently found in Sony's RGBE cameras. They also worked on effiencient spectral capture techniques.

Former Xerox Prof. Noboru Ohta with Mitch.

Dr. Ohta has retired from the Xerox Chair and currently spends most of his time in Japan. Noboru Ohta and Mitch were editors on the book Color Desktop Printer Technology. This was a joint effort of researchers from RIT, Chiba University, Fuji Xerox, HP, Fuji Photo Film and Okidata. It is part of the Optical Science and Engineering series of CRC. It covers ink-jet, electrophotographic, dye thermal-transfer and film-based printer platforms in great detail. There are introductory sections on printing, image quality and the printer buisiness and system discussions of color management and spectral printing.

Projects that Mitch has been involved have included those sponsored by the following corporations and organizations:

- Unilever Corporation
- Microsoft Corporation
- BAE Systems
- The Mellon Foundation
- The Museum of Modern Art
- The National Gallery of Art
- Sharp Labs
- The National Science Foudation
- Sony
- Fuji Xerox Corporation
- Eastman Kodak
- Epson

Mitch leads the iPixLab that investigates display modalities that are not tied to traditional rectangular arrangments of pixels. Below, are views of a project from 2007 which was a collaboration with the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories and the Strasenburgh Planetarium of the Rochester Museum and Science Center looking at wide-format projection onto curved and other non-flat surfaces and the creation of customized content for such immersive viewing environments.

Immersive viewing experiment at RIT using 3 tiled projectors

Mitch was a member of the Museum Imaging Group of the Munsell Lab (shown below) that built a body of research probing the state of museum imaging and investigating ways to improve the museum reproduction chain. The group participated in the development of imaging spectrometry for color reproduction.The overlap between museum reproduction needs and spectral imaging possibilities makes for important synergies that should contribute important new capabilities to the documentation, analysis and reproduction of museum artifacts.

Museum Imaging Group in February 2005. Left to right: Pravin Rao, Yoshio Okumura, Shohei Tsutsumi (Canon Visiting Scientist), Mahnaz Mohammadi, Yonghui (Iris) Zhao, Roy Berns, Mitchell Rosen, Yongda Chen, Lawrence Taplin, David Wyble, Mahdi Nezamabadi.

Before joining RIT, Mitch was a member of Polaroid's Image Science Laboratory. At Polaroid for ten years, he worked extensively in the research and development of digital imaging systems. He helped design and support products that span the imaging workflow: digital cameras, scanners, ink-jet, thermal and film printers, proofers, desktop photofinishing and color management. Mitch was active in influencing the early formation of industry standard (ICC) color management and in shaping Polaroid's color management strategy.

Mitch earned a B.S. from Tufts University in Computer Science and a Ph.D. from Rochester Institute of Technology in Imaging Science.

From 2002 to 2007, Mitch was Color Imaging Editor of the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology .

Mitch was co-Chair and organizer of the 2006 Symposium on Mutlispectral Color Science that took place as part of the Electronic Imaging Symposium in January, 2006. Mitch was also an organizer of the 5th International Symposium on Multispectral Color Science held in conjunction with the 2003 Digital Photography Conference (PICS 2003).

At the Color Imaging Conference in 2000, Mitch and co-authors Francisco Imai and Roy Berns won the Cactus Award for "Best Poster" for the paper Comparison of spectrally narrow-band capture versus wide-band with a priori sample analysis for spectral reflectance estimation. In 2004, Max Derhak of Onyx Graphics and Mitch took the Cactus "Runner Up" prize for the paper Spectral Colorimetry Using LabPQR – An Interim Connection Space. Again, during the 2006 Color Imaging Conference, Mitch was co-author on a Cacturs Award "Runner Up" paper: Spectral Color Management using Interim Connection Space Decomposition by Tsutsumi, Rosen and Berns.

Below are the 1st and 2nd place Cactus award authors for 2004. The Munsell Lab and Onyx Graphics combined that year to make a clean sweep.

Cactus Award Winners at 2004 Color Imaging Conference (left to right): 1st place: Garrett Johnson, Mark Fairchild (both RIT) and Rohit Patil (Onyx Graphics); 2nd place: Max Derhak (Onyx Graphics) and Mitch Rosen.

Patents include:

M. Rosen and N. Ohta, U. S. Patent 6920244: Data-efficient and self adapting imaging spectrometry method and an apparatus thereof (2005).

M. Balonon-Rosen, J. Thornton, U. S. Patent 6307961: User-interactive corrective tuning of color profiles (2001).

M. Balonon-Rosen, J. Thornton, U. S. Patent 6072901: System and method for deriving an invertible relationship between color spaces where the intrinsic mapping is one-to-many for use in a color profile production system, June, 2000.

I. Meir, M. Balonon-Rosen, J. Thornton, D. Bybell, M. Antin, F. R. Cottrell, US Patent 6037950: Configurable, extensible, integrated profile maintenance environment for facilitating image transfer between transform spaces, March, 2000.

RWG Hunt with Mitch at the 2001 Color Imaging Conference in front of Mitch's Poster "Answering Hunt's Web Shopping Challenge: Spectral Color Management for a Virtual Swatch".

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