The Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology has been designated a Geospatial Innovation Center by Exelis Visual Information Solution (VIS). As part of this designation, Exelis VIS has made 350 licenses available to the students, staff, and faculty of the Center for the latest versions of their ENVI/IDL software. This software may be used to support the academic and research missions of the Center.

If you would like to install this software on your computer, enter your authentication information, select the Exelis VIS software to download, and operating system type below, and you will be given instructions on how to proceed.


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Harris Geo Software

ENVI 4.7 with IDL 7.1
ENVI 4.8 with IDL 8.0
ENVI 5.0 (Service Pack 3) with IDL 8.2.3
ENVI 5.1 with IDL 8.3
ENVI 5.2 with IDL 8.4
ENVI 5.3 with IDL 8.5
ENVI 5.4 with IDL 8.6
ENVI 5.4.1 with IDL 8.6.1
ENVI 5.5 with IDL 8.7
ENVI 5.5.1 with IDL 8.7.1
ENVI 5.5.2 with IDL 8.7.2
ENVI 5.5.3 with IDL 8.7.3
ENVI 5.6 with IDL 8.8

Operating System Mac OS X
Windows (64-bit)
Linux (x86_64)


NOTE: Each time that you authenticate using this page, your information is being recorded. You may only authenticate a total of 12 times during your time at RIT, so please be sure to download everything that you need on the next page during each session.