Our alumni are a valued resource.   We need your experience and perspective to help us keep the imaging science program current and relevant.  And we need you as mentors to help us prepare the next generation of imaging scientists for productive careers in industry, government, or academia.  So we're constantly looking for new ways to stay connected with you.  Give us a call, drop us a line, or just stop by the Center - you're always welcome here!

Areas of Interest for Alumni

CIS Ambassadors Program

The CIS ambassador program is made up of individuals who volunteer their valuable time to help spread the word about Imaging Science at RIT. We are always looking for passionate, dedicated people to help with our cause.

Imaging Connection - CFC Center for Imaging Science Newsletter

The CIS Imaging Connection newsletter is your source for current events from the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT.

This publication is sent out quarterly to our alumni population. If you are an alumnus and wish to be added to our mailing list, please fill out the Alumni Update Contact Info form by following the link below.

ChromaZone - Munsell Color Science Newsletter

The Munsell Lab issues a semi-regular newsletter containing updates and other interesting news for the greater Munsell family. All issues are archived here, back to the early 1990's.

Report employer and salary data

Please consider reporting your career information to the Office of Co-op and Career Services for RIT's Salary and Program Information for employers database. Employers, especially those unfamiliar with the term “Imaging Science”, often use this information to gauge how well an Imaging Science applicant might fit job requirements, and to determine how much salary to offer. Information for the database is collected automatically from graduates who complete the online form. (Note that you need to login, but salary info is pulled anonymously for the table.) Nothing is reported on the webpage unless at least 3 entries have been made.

Help push the frontiers of Imaging Science - Support CIS

Use this simple online form to make a gift to CIS. You may direct your gift to a specific area, including the summer intern program, the Carlson Family scholarship, or the Jerry Hughes scholarship; or you may support the CIS general fund.

Job Opportunities for Imaging/Color/Photo Scientists

Update your Contact Info

Stay connected with CIS by providing up-to-date contact information through this form. Also define privacy settings for your information. CIS will never share your information without your permission.

Facebook - RIT Imaging Science Page

Your one-stop shop for all things Imaging Science. Includes information about the program, relevant news articles, event postings, discussions, links to relevant seminars, and more.

LinkedIn - RIT Imaging Science and Photographic Science Alumni Group

Twitter - RITimagingsci