Research Opportunities in CIS

Because of the Center for Imaging Science's rich research portfolio, opportunities for undergraduate student research projects abound. Options include paid research in one of our laboratories, independent research class credits, or even proposing your own CIS-funded research project. For projects such as these, students write proposals, maintain wiki databases of their research and milestones, and demonstrate their final product at ImagineRIT.

Student outcomes from paid, independent, and/or microgrant-funded research can include presenting at scientific meetings and conferences, being listed on patent applications, and even getting papers published in professional science journals - all before graduating.

Internships and Co-ops

Internships are equally prolific in Imaging Science. Although co-ops are not required to graduate with an Imaging Science BS degree, many students choose to alternate paid professional work with on-campus study at some point during their undergraduate careers. In fact, thanks to the rigor of the Imaging Science program, students are uniquely positioned to begin relevant work experiences as soon as following their freshmen year. Offerings often align with Imaging Science full-time employers; see the Careers section for more detail.