Rose Rustowicz, BS 2015

Fulbright Scholar

I was looking for something different. Imaging Science sounded like the perfect blend of math, science, and engineering, but with more of a focus on the science aspect – perfect for my interests!  Although the concept of imaging was pretty foreign to me at the beginning, the applications of the technologies and concepts seemed endless.  Through the Freshman Imaging Project (FIP), I have presented at two conferences and will be presenting at another in Colorado in November 2014.  The best technical description of Imaging Science that I’ve heard is Imaging Systems Engineering.  There are all kinds of outlets in the work and research world that Imaging Scientists can get into, and the opportunities really are endless.  The CIS community is a welcoming environment that is very close-knit and personable.  It is all about learning and encouraging, and I’m so glad that I am a part of it!