Preethi Vaidyanathan

PhD Candidate
Other Degrees: Electrical Eng., KNMIET, India; MS, Electrical Eng., RIT
Hometown: Lucknow, India

While pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering at RIT I became interested in image processing, which tuned me into Imaging Science. In my first year as a PhD student I worked as a research assistant to Dr. Naval Rao on an interesting medical imaging project, after which I started my PhD work with Dr. Jeff Pelz on Eye tracking & Computational Linguistics to Understand Images. Working in the Multidisciplinary Vision Research Lab has helped me meet so many students and faculty from different departments across RIT, and broadened my perspective about how to do research. CIS has supported me to publish papers and attend conferences around the world such as the Europoean Conference on Eye Movements and the 2014 Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications. Although networking is difficult for someone who is used to sitting in front of a computer, the welcoming environment at CIS encourages me to talk to faculty, staff, and students despite any background differences. I am glad I took advantage of pursuing this PhD when CIS & RIT gave me the opportunity to do so. As an Imaging Scientist I will never run out of research questions and innovative answers!