Kamran Binaee

2nd Year PhD Student
Undergraduate program and school: Electronics Engineering University of Guilan, Iran
Hometown: Tehran, Iran

My Masters thesis focused on Medical Image Processing and Enhancement, so I was often searching for universities that are reputable in the field of Imaging - which brought me to the Center for Imaging Science at RIT. The multidisciplinary nature of CIS was an interesting feature that I really wanted to experience. Being exposed to different applications, from medical to hyperspectral imaging, from electron microcopy where we are looking for an object of a size of 10 nanometers, to astronomical imaging where we are looking for objects thousands of kilometers big, is an awesome experience! I’m currently working as a graduate research assistant within my research field of interest: Virtual Reality. Using this powerful tool and combining it with motion capture technology plus a built in eye-tracker, we are studying how human perception systems interact with the world. When I came here my upper-class friends used to tell me, “Hey, you’ll meet all the nicest and most helpful people in CIS.” As far as my experience goes, I couldn't agree more; we’re actually a “family” here.