Dave Kelbe, PhD 2015

Other Degrees: BS, Imaging Science, RIT
Hometown: Victor, NY

I have always loved photography, but more than the art, I was drawn to an understanding of how the camera worked and how I could manipulate it to produce better images based on the science and physics of the underlying imaging processes. I was looking for something more fresh, more invigorating than physics or engineering... Imaging science was the perfect fit. It is specific enough that it is acutely relevant, yet encompassing enough that it is widely needed in almost any discipline.  While studying abroad freshman year, I discovered a connection to CIS all the way over in New Zealand and realized that the world was a lot smaller than I thought. I’ve since collected field measurements in the savanna of South Africa, squeezed into an unpressurized aircraft fuselage with the next-generation AVIRIS hyperspectral sensor in California,  climbed flux towers dizzyingly high above the forest canopy in Michigan, and worked alongside Greek Orthodox monks at a monastery in the Sinai desert to help recover erased texts from ancient manuscripts using spectral imaging. I’m incredibly thankful for the academic community in CIS that doesn’t stifle the energetic pursuits of the student, but supports and encourages them.