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Selected Publications

Diaz, G., Cooper, J., & Hayhoe, M. (2013). Memory and prediction in natural gaze control. Philosophical Transations of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 368(1628).

Diaz, G., Cooper, J., Kit, D., & Hayhoe, M. (2013). Real-time recording and classification of eye movements in an immersive virtual environment. Journal of Vision, 13(12), 1–14. doi:10.1167/13.12.5

Diaz, G., Cooper, J., Rothkopf, C., & Hayhoe, M. (2013). Saccades to future ball location reveal memory-based prediction in a virtual-reality interception task. Journal of Vision, 13(1), 1–14. doi:10.1167/13.1.20

Diaz, G. J., & Fajen, B. R. (2010). Flexible attunement to different optical variables in visually guided action. Journal of Vision, 6(6), 138–138. doi:10.1167/6.6.138

Diaz, G., Phillips, F., & Fajen, B. (2010). Locomotor interception of unpredictable moving targets. Journal of Vision, 7(9), 144–144. doi:10.1167/7.9.144

Morice, A., Diaz, G. J., Fajen, B. R., Basilio, N., & Montagne, G. (n.d.). An Affordance-based Approach to Visually Guided Overtaking. Ecological Psychology.

Other Vision-Related Publications from RIT

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