John Schott

John R. Schott, Ph.D.
Director, Digital Image & Remote Sensing Laboratory

Ph.D., Environmental Science/Remote Sensing
SUNY Environmental Science & Forestry - Syracuse University

3146 Carlson
E-Mail: schott@cis.rit.edu

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Research Highlights

Signal & Image Processing

Our research has two major thrusts. The first involves design of instrumentation to image the earth and development of methods to extract quantitative information from remotely sensed data. The second involves development of methods to generate synthetic images of what the earth would look like to airborne or satellite imaging systems. These synthetic image generation tools include models of the thermal and radiometric behavior of the earth and the atmosphere which attempt to simulate all of the important factors that influence the signal level recorded by sensors operating in the visible through the thermal infrared portions of the spectrum.

On a recent project, as part of our synthetic image generation work, we acquired data of an instrumented scene. Calibrated image data were acquired every hour over a 24-hour period by sensors operating in several spectral regions. Synthetic representations of the scene were also produced corresponding to each of the actual images. While the images matched surprisingly well, it was differences that were of the most interest. These differences tell us where either our understanding or modeling of the image-forming phenomena are flawed. This points us to where we need to study and improve our models.

The modeling efforts are also valuable in analyzing actual aerial or satellite images. The quantitative analysis of these images often involve reverse engineering using the same modeling concepts used in synthetic image generation. In particular, the removal of atmospheric effects from remotely sensed images often involves reversing the same procedures used in simulating the atmosphere in synthetic images.

Recent projects include:

  • Design of a modular multispectral airborne imaging system
  • Inclusion of sensor effects in synthetically generated images
  • Development of improved methods for analyzing multispectral and
    thermal infrared image data using image fusion approaches

Selected Publications

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