Jeff B. Pelz

Thumbnails of me with various flying machines: (click on any image to see a larger, higher-resolution image)

hot-air balloon hot-air balloon hot air balloon scenery
Myra and I took a ride in a hot-air balloon to celebrate my 30th birthday a ...few years ago.
sailplane at Telluride airport
Sailplanes are my favorite, so when I attended a conference in Telluride CO I couldn't resist the urge to go up with 'Glider Bob'. The airfield is over 10,000 ft, and the shot at right is us circling in a tight thermal at 16,000 fasl. (Bob enjoyed the 60 degree bank a bit more than I did.)

Model sailplane

When I can't be in the real thing, I enjoy flying model sailplanes. Here I am with my first plane, a gift from Frank Cost. I have since built several planes, and am currently experimenting with electric-boost sailplanes.

parasail parasail
The wildest ride was this parasail ride. Once I figured out that I should be running when that speedboat took off, everything went fine (though it took a while to scrape the sand out of my knee-caps).

This is me with my home-built ultralight. It is powered by a 175 horsepower snowmobile engine, and can reach speeds of over 180 mph in a steep dive. I have won three international championships in this airship, including the gold medal for aerobatics at the 1995 International Ultralight Aerobatic Competition held in Leningrad, Russia. (Click here for the truth.)

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