Current Research Group

Robert Slawson PhD (U.Waterloo) - Post-Doctoral Fellow

Elliott Horch PhD (Stanford) - Post-Doctoral Fellow

Min-Ming Wu PhD (Shanghai) - Research Scientist

Gerrutt Lubberts PhD (Rochester) - Research Scientist

Brian Backer - PhD Student (Active Optics)

Dan Kavaldjiev - PhD Student (Detector Characterization)

Al Piterman - PhD Student

Alina Gorcea - MS Student

Previous Members

Scott Libonate Post-Doctoral Fellow.
PhD (U Rochester) Now at Loral Aerospace, Boston.
Hans Deeg PhD (University of NM) Post-Doctoral Fellow. Now at Nordic Observatory, Canary Islands
William Cirillio Staff Scientist now at ATT in England.
David Bretz Graduate Student, Thesis Title : CCD Photometry and the Stellar Content of
the Central Region of IC 1805 . Now at NASA Huntsville.
Jing Roach Graduate Student Thesis Title : Design and Evaluation of a Screen-CCD
Imaging System for Medical Radiology .
Now at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics.
Chen Tang Graduate Student Thesis Title: Evaluation of a Cooled CID Camera System.
Now at Tektronix
Jack Holm Graduate Student Thesis Title : A log NEQ based comparison of several
Silver Halide and Electronic Pictorial Imaging Systems.
Now at Hewlett Packard.


Mark O'Donnell Senior Project Title : "Ram X-ray Badge".

Dan Flaherty Senior Project Title : "Polarization of the Sky".

Dan Brake Senior Project Title : "Videotape Recording of High Resolution Images".

Albert Pieterman Senior Project Title : "The Photometric Stability of a Large Format CCD".

Matthew Hanson Senior Project Title : "Narrow Band Spectrophotometry using Digital Image Processing".

Daniel Haug Senior Project Title : "Automate Data Analyis of Eclipsing Binary Data"