Research Funding

Current Major Funding

NASA Millennium Program
Project Title : Development of a Wireless CID Camera
Status : initial proposal funded

NASA Planetary Instrumentation Development and Definition Program (PIDDP) Grant
Project Title : "Charge Injection Device Arrays for use in Space Applications"
Status : Awarded, Ninkov PI
Award Period : 6/94 to 5/98

NASA JOVE Program Grant
Status : funded , Ninkov and Illingsworth co-PIs
Award Period : 5/1/93 to 4/31/96

NSF Astronomical Sciences/Advanced Technology and Instrumentation
Grant Number : AST-9421606
"High Resolution Imaging of O-Star Multiple Systems"
Award Period: 9/15/94 - 8/31/97
Ninkov (PI)

Directorate for Engineering, NSF Engineering Centers Division
Grant Number : EEC-9209615
Project Title : "Center for Electronic Imaging : Imaging in the Information Age"

Status : awarded , Ninkov Co-I (total of eight faculty principles R.Easton, M.Fairchild, N. George, G. Morris, Z.Ninkov, K.Parker, M.Tekalp, E.Wolf)
Award Period : 9/1/92 to 8/31/00 (see a recent description of this work)

NASA Space Ultraviolet/Visible Detector Program
Grant awarded 6/18/96 Ninkov PI
Project Title : "Development of Back Illuminated, Pre-Amp Per Pixel, Charge Injection Device Arrays"
Award Period : 10/1/96 to 9/30/99

Select Previous Funding

Division of Undergraduate Science, Engineering and Mathematics Education, ILI Program
Grant Number : USE-9250551
Project Title : "Multi-purpose Observatory for Undergraduate Education"
Status : awarded, capital only for construction of Robotic Observatory
Award Period : 8/1/92 to 1/31/96

Navy - NSWC
Contract Number N61331-94-C-0028
Project Title : "Tunable Multi-Spectral Camera"
Status : awarded, Ninkov (co-I), Olsen (PI), Schott and Richardson
Award Period : 6/1/94 -12/31/94

Fund for Astrophysical Research
Project Title : Instrumentation for Astronomy
Status : completed, Ninkov PI
Award Period : 1991 and 1994