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My name is Ethan D. Montag and I am the instructor for this class. You can find out more about me on my web page.

This course is a ten week course which consists of two parts.

During the first half of the course we will learn about a variety of psychological methods useful for studying perceptual phenomena and quantitatively evaluating them. These psychophysical tools are useful in imaging science and color science because they enable us to identify those factors that are important for looking at images and then to evaluate our ability to develop and improve imaging technology.

For example, using psychophysics we can measure the response of the visual system to temporal variation. Using this knowledge, we may design a display for moving pictures that is tuned to our sensitivity. Then we can use psychophysics to determine whether our new display is better than previous displays.

The second half of the course is a quick survey of the visual system. We will begin by tracing the anatomy and physiology of the visual system and then move on to cover different functional aspects of vision. Keeping in mind that an image is a visual representation of some measurable property of a person, object, or phenomenon, it should be obvious why learning about vision is important.

The syllabus can be seen here. This is the course outline for the on-campus version of the course but I will try to keep to this schedule.


Here is the reading list. I will let you know when you should read a particular item.


This course will be graded based on the following criterion:

1. Homeworks:

2. Midterm

3. Term Paper

4. Final


For a general description of the homeworks follow this link.

A schedule of homework due dates is as follows:

The homework due dates will also be posted in the CourseInfo calendar for this course.

The homework assignments will be posted in the CourseInfo Assignments section.

Homeworks are due in my dropbox on their due dates.


The midterm is an open-book exam. You will have one week to complete the midterm and return it to me.

I will be handing out the Midterm on October 8. You will need to put it in my drop box on October 15.

Term Paper

You are to develop and execute an independent project. This project can take the form of an in-depth research paper on some aspect of vision, perception or psychophysics or it can be a laboratory project in which an experiment is developed and carried out. A written proposal for the independent project is due about mid-quarter (10/8/02). The project topic should be discussed with the instructor well before the proposals are due. The proposal should be a one-paragraph statement of the objective and plan of your project. Final reports on these projects are due on or before the date of the final exam. The final reports should be on the order of 10-15 pages in length. The reports should follow the guidelines for technical reports as appropriate.


The final is a closed book exam. My current thinking is that you will use the "honor system" to self administer the exam and return it to me as a scanned or faxed document soon after you finish.