Subpixel Event Repositioning (SER) Algorithms for Chandra/ACIS Imaging (V2)
1. Background             1. AAS poster2 (pdf file (8.7MB), PS file (13 MB)) -- Static SER method and its applications.
            2. Tsunemi et al. 2001 ApJ, 554, 496 -- Tsunemi et al. (2001) SER method, i.e., static method restricted to corner split events only.
            3. Li et al 2003, ApJ, 590, 586 -- Energy dependent SER method for BI CCDs.
            4. Li et al. 2004, ApJ, 610, 1204 (astro-ph/0401592) -- Charge Split dependent SER, and comparison of various SER methods for both BI and FI CCDs

2. Implementation Steps 3. IDL code you will need 4. What do you need to do 5. Download SER package 6. An example 7. SER on HETG data (preliminary results, furnished upon request)

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