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James A. Ferwerda
Associate Professor
Xerox Chair in Imaging Science
Munsell Color Science Laboratory
Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623
585-475-4923 (voice), 585-475-4444 (fax)
jaf cis rit edu

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Material appearance  

Ferwerda, J.A. (2010) The medium and the message: a revisionist view of image quality. Proceedings SPIE Electronic Imaging ’10 (Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XV), 7257 0J 1-11. PDF (1.1 Mb)


Phillips, J.B. and Ferwerda, J.A. (2009)  Effects of image dynamic range on apparent surface gloss. Proceedings IS&T 17th Color Imaging Conference, 193-197. PDF (804 Kb)


Pellacini, F., Ferwerda, J.A., and Greenberg.D.P.  (2000) Toward a psychophysically-based light reflection model for image synthesis. Proceedings SIGGRAPH '00, 55-64. PDF (5.6Mb)



Perceptually-based rendering  

Krivanek, J., Ferwerda, J.A. and Bala, K. (2010) Effects of global illumination approximations on material appearance. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 29(3), (SIGGRAPH, '10), 1-10. PDF (22.8 Mb)


Ramanarayanan, G., Ferwerda, J.A., Walter, B.J., and Bala, K. (2007) Visual Equivalence: towards a new standard for image fidelity. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 26(3), (SIGGRAPH, '07),1-11. PDF (10.9 Mb)


Ferwerda, J.A., Pattanaik, S., Shirley, P., and Greenberg, D.P. (1997) A model of visual masking for computer graphics. Proceedings SIGGRAPH '97, 143-152. PDF (1.2Mb)


High dynamic range imaging  

*Zhang, D. and Ferwerda, J.A. (2010) Appearance-based HDR image splitting. Proceedings IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference. 340-346. PDF (2.6Mb)


Reinhard, E., Stark, M., Shirley, P., and Ferwerda, J.A. (2002) Photographic tone reproduction for digital images. Proceedings SIGGRAPH 2002, 267-276. PDF (353 Kb)


Ferwerda, J.A., Pattanaik, S., Shirley, P., and Greenberg, D.P. (1996) A model of visual adaptation for realistic image synthesis. Proceedings SIGGRAPH '96, 249-258. PDF (635 Kb)



Advanced display systems  

*Darling, B.A. and Ferwerda, J.A. (2009) The tangiBook: a tangible display system for direct interaction with virtual surfaces. Proceedings IS&T 17th Color Imaging Conference, 260-266. (Best paper award). PDF (945 Kb)


*Zhang, D. and Ferwerda, J.A. (2010) A low-cost, color-calibrated, reflective high dynamic range display Vision Sciences Society, 9th Annual Meeting (abstract/poster), Journal of Vision. 397a. PDF (10.5 Mb)


Ferwerda, J.A. and *Luka, S. (2009) A high resolution high dynamic range display for vision research. Vision Sciences Society, 8th Annual Meeting (abstract/poster), Journal of Vision, 9(8), 346a. PDF (3.2 Mb)



Low vision and assistive technologies  

Ferwerda, J.A., and Rehon, B. (2007) MagnoFly: game-based screening for dyslexia. Journal of Vision, 7(9), 520a. PDF (853 Kb)


Ferwerda, J. A., Irawan, P., and Marschner, S. R. (2004) Simulating low vision in high dynamic range scenes. [Abstract]. Journal of Vision, 4(8), 879a. PDF (153 Kb)


Multimodal MATLAB: data “visualization” for the blind PDF (688 Kb)




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