Roger L. Easton, Jr.


In recent years I have taught classes in Imaging Mathematics (linear systems for imaging), Digital Image Processing, and various courses in Optics.

I have a book about to be published in 2010 by Wiley entitled Fourier Methods in Imaging.

Received The Professor Raymond C. Bowman Award from the Society for Imaging Science and Technology for undergraduate teaching, May 21, 1997.


SIMG-320 Linear Mathematics for Imaging

SIMG-716 Fourier Methods for Imaging

SIMG-733 Optics for  Imaging

Teaching Software

I advocate using new imaging technology in the classroom for dynamic and real-time demonstrations. I have written a computer program (SIGNALS.EXE) for illustrating the concepts of digital image processing and linear systems (e.g., convolution, and Fourier transforms), sampling, quantization, and of physical optics (interference, diffraction, and holography). I used to run the program on an IBM ThinkPad and a Proxima computer/video projector for class demonstrations, but now most RIT classrooms have computer projectors, so I currently use a Dell Latitude D810 laptop running Windows XP, which is satisfactory, but Signals arguably runs better in older versions of Windows. The DOS version runs quite well in DOSBox (available from under many flavors of the Windows OS, the Mac OS, and Linux. You may download Signals as a zipped file (including a program icon)  here (145 KBytes). An Online User's Manual also is available. You are invited to download and use the software; I ask only that you e-mail any comments (positive or negative) to me. Juliet Bernstein, an undergraduate student in Imaging Science, has updated much of  Signals in Java that runs on all common platforms; it  is available for free at

Project Kaleidoscope

I am a member of the Class of the Faculty for the 21st Century in Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), which is a national organization dedicated to reforming the teaching undergraduate mathematics and science. My PKAL Faculty Home Page and my 1996 PKAL Statement have more information about PKAL and my associated efforts.

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