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Rochester’s newest jazz band, The Roy Berns Band, blends a passion for gypsy jazz with modern jazz improvisation and rhythm. Their music is the perfect accompaniment for dining, dessert, coffee, and festive occasions. Their unique blend of instruments, acoustic guitar, accordian, upright bass, and smooth percussion, results in “Jazz with a French accent.”

Roy Berns, acoustic guitar and the band’s leader, has extensive experience in many jazz and acoustic guitar styles. Paul Barrett, upright bass, appears regularly with Phil Freeman, Rochester’s premier jazz vocalist. Both Paul andRoy are members of the Steve Greene Trio. Ed Marris, accordian, is well known in Rochester’s folk scene and a member of Stone Soup. Laura Catracchia, percussionist, plays in a variety of experimental music ensembles and has recently formed a band with three women, Almond Butter. Their diversity and passion for improvisational music defines their unique sound.

For booking information, call Roy at 585-359-4295 or send him an email.

*** Now appearing on Thursdays at 8 P.M. at Zodiac Coffee Roasters in the heart of the High Falls District at 229 Mill Street, phone: 232-5620

Download MP3s from Roy's Band!

Afternoon in Paris

Troubland Bolero



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