Stipends will be provided at a rate of $500/week for 10 weeks. Payments are in the form of direct deposit into participants' bank accounts (preferred) or a mailed check.


Housing in the Residence Halls is covered in full under the REU program at no cost to participants. Recently, REU students have been housed in RIT's Global Village. This new dorm has a suite structure, with 5 rooms per suite, and a kitchen and bathroom in each suite.  Information on the res hall rooms, including a virtual tour, can be accessed here.


Students must cover meal costs, but low cost, flexible meal plans are available on campus during the summer.

Travel and Transportation

Each participating student will be provided with round-trip travel support to attend the program at RIT at a rate of $600/student each year. On campus cars are allowed for a nominal parking charge, and this gives students additional freedom for trips during the summer. 

Social Events

The Center for Imaging Science prides itself on creating a fun social atmosphere for all to enjoy. Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students enjoy the casual outdoor environment of the Rochester area through various activities, such as friendly games of volleyball, bike rides on routes along the Erie Canal, Genesee River, Lehigh Valley Trail, and more; occasional wing nights at local restaurants; picnics; and more. Some field trips and general interest workshops are also scheduled as interest dictates. 

RIT Campus and the Rochester area

Overview of RIT - Including fast facts, facilities, campus maps, student life, history, and more

RIT Campus Life - Including housing info, dining services, event calendar, and more

Student Life Center and Gordon Field House - REU participants get full use of the gym and fitness center at no cost

RocWiki - an invaluable website that has all of the ins and outs of Rochester, including what to do and where to eat! Also includes a guide on what not to miss during a Rochester summer.