2020 Summer Internship Program

The summer of 2020 will mark the twenty-first year of the high school summer internship program at the Center for Imaging Science. This unique program offers a limited number of highly qualified juniors the opportunity to work side-by-side with world class scientists on a variety of imaging-related research projects. These unpaid internships give students the chance to get valuable hands-on experience in a real laboratory setting as contributing members of a research team. The internship program also provides an opportunity for interaction with other students from surrounding school districts who have similar interests and ambitions. Interns also benefit from professional development activities, team building exercises, and at least one field trip. Participation in this program is free, and upon successful completion of their research project students are provided a certificate of completion as well as a letter of recommendation.



1. Applications will only be considered from current high school juniors (students who will graduate in June 2021).
2. RIT does not provide students chosen for the intern program with food, lodging, or transportation.  Any students from outside the greater Rochester area who intend to apply must provide the selection committee with detailed information about their plans for food, lodging, and transportation during the internship.
3. Applicants who are chosen for an interview as part of the selection process will have to come to RIT to meet in person with the interviewers.  There will be no phone or Skype interviews. 

FAQ and More Information

What laboratory might I be assigned to?
Click here for a list of the imaging laboratories that hire interms, and a description of the tasks they typically perform.

What's it like to be an intern?
Click here for a list of links to online journals kept by past interns during their time in the Center.

When does the internship begin and end?
The first day of the internship is Monday, July 6, 2019, and the last day is Friday, August 14, 2019.

How long do the interns work each day?
We expect the interns to treat their assignment like a full-time job, so a typical work week is 35-40 hours long.  Each work day begins at 8:45 a.m. with a brief intern staff meeting.  Beyond that, the work schedule for each intern is set in conjunction with your research advisor at the beginning of the internship.

What if I have to be gone for a period of time because of prior commitments?
We understand that the interns have other things going on in their lives, so occasional absences are acceptable.  However you will be asked about extended absences if you are chosen to come in for an interview during the application process.  This is because in order to meet the goals of the short six week internship, it is necessary to be in the lab as much as possible.  If you will be gone longer than one week it would be extremely difficult to complete your project, and we would have serious reservations about offering you an internship.  Please note that in order to be accepted as an intern, you MUST plan to attend the intern final symposium on Friday, August 16th.

Am I eligible to apply if I live outside the greater Rochester area?
The Center does not provide interns with food, lodging, or transportation. If you live outside the local area, you will have to provide the selection committee IN ADVANCE with detailed information about your living arrangements if you are chosen for an internship. If the committee does not feel that your plans are adequate, your application will not be considered.  

Intern Alumni Stories
Learn what past interns have gone on to do by reading a collection of short interviews.

Contact Us
Please contact Associate Director Karen Braun by e-mail at kmbcis@rit.edu, or by phone at (585) 475-7323.

2020 Application Schedule

1/1/20 Application process begins
3/6/20 All application materials due at RIT
4/6/19 - 4/17/20 On-campus interviews
5/8/20 Selected interns notified (no later than this date)
6/8/20 Administrative in-processing
7/6/20 Internship begins
8/14/20 Last day of internship


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