Theese projects and presentations can be facilitated by anyone - Imaging/Color/Photo Science Alumni, Imaging Science Professionals, Educators, and you!

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These videos are about the Imaging Science undergraduate program and the student experience at RIT. We encourage you to use these as a quick introduction to Imaging Science at RIT.

Use the "Captions" and "No Captions" links to download video files.

What is Imaging Science? video (2:44) 


Imaging Science Student Monica Cook Profile from the Provost Series "Hear From Our Students" (2:02) 

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Freshmen Innovation in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (6:00) 

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Imaging Science, as told by our students. (5:23) 

Student Produced


These presentations are designed to illustrate the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT. They are available here in PDF format.

For an editable presentation (.ppt or .pptx formats), please  e-mail Joe Pow.

About CIS - This presentation is a general overview of the Imaging Science undergraduate program.

Imaging Scientists: We strongly encourage you to incorporate your own story into this presentation. Relaying your own experiences in the Imaging Science field is integral to conveying our message. Be sure to include how you got interested in Imaging Science, what unique opporutnities it has provided you, and what your typical work day looks like. If you would like to edit the Powerpoint directly to add images (recommended), please use the link above to e-mail us.

About CIS Labs - This is designed as an optional add-on to the "About CIS" presentation. It includes slides and image examples for several of CIS's laboratories.





These hands on activities can easily be performed in a classroom setting. The projects available below have been selected or designed to provide an introduction to some of the fundamental Imaging Science concepts. The projects become increasingly more sophisticated and demonstrate more complex concepts as you go down the list. After completing all of the projects, students will have been exposed to key aspects of almost all of the links in the imaging chain.

All activities should be precluded by the introduction, What Is Imaging Science?

      Beginner - Color and Simple Cameras

      Intermediate - Optics

      CIS would be happy to provide you with a FREE supply of
      OSAOptics Kits and/or refraction cups. Please give us
      sufficient (>14 days) notice to ensure quantity and delivery. 
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          Advanced - Imaging Systems

          * Due to constant growth in sophistication of digital cameras, we cannot guarantee that cameras available on the market will be consistent with the model cameras used in this tutorial. 

          CIS would be happy to provide you with a FREE supply of Single Use Cameras. Please give us sufficient (>14 days) notice to ensure quantity and delivery. Request Materials

          The following activities require facilitation by CIS staff. 
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          Advanced - High Tech Imaging Systems 

          • High Speed Video
          • Thermal Imaging


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