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NIH grant awarded for "Ultrasound standing wave fields for vascular engineering"
Biomedical Imaging

Oct. 6, 2014
Robert L. Clark, University of Rochester Professor and Dean

Diane Dalecki, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Denise Hocking, Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology, both of University of Rochester, have received a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) for their 4-year project “Ultrasound standing wave fields for vascular engineering.” It will advance a novel ultrasound technology to fabricate complex, functional microvascular networks within three-dimensional engineered constructs. Collaborators are Maria Helguera, Associate Professor of Imaging Sciences at RIT, and Ingrid Sarelius, Professor, and Angela Glading, Assistant Professor, in Pharmacology and Physiology. The successful completion of this project will provide new tools for tissue engineering and for a variety of clinical reconstructive and vascular surgery applications. Click here to see a very informative video about this fascinating project.


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Original Source: University of Rochester