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CIS alumnus and current Ph.D. student featured on WXXI Radio Show "Connections"
Innovative Freshmen Experience

Connections: A Preview of Imagine RIT

Evan Dawson chats with those involved with Imagine RIT festival about what attendees can expect when they visit the festival on Saturday

Apr. 30, 2014
Evan Dawson


Imagine RIT will draw thousands of people this Saturday, May 3, to the one-day innovation festival. So what are the innovations on display? We chat with Barry Culhane, chairman and founder of Imagine RIT and Heather Cottone, chair of programs for Imagine RIT.

We then talk with the following innovators who will present their works at the festival:

Sean Cooper, a student presenting a Motion Picture Science Holodeck

Colin Axel, a student presenting the Vehicle Hazard Detection and Alert System

Brendan Gordon, a student presenting Imagine Soap


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