Fall 2020

Welcome Back Party/ Introductions

GTRI Internship: Morgan Webb

Submarines and Satellites: Dan Goldberg

Dehazing Imagery Using Layer Separation Techniques: GTRI

On The Edge of Classified The History of a Giant Lens: Maxmillian Lipitz

Geospatial Analysis: Descartes Labs

Technology in Pursuit of Global Sustainable Prosperity: THEIA

Culture Clash- A Science Academic Meets the State Department : Dr. Kerekes

Freshmen Imaging Project Dryrun

Robotic Surgery: Intuitive Surgical Systems

Spring 2021

From Grad School to National Lab to Start-up: Dr. Zach Newman

Senior Project Awareness Day: CIS Faculty

Challenges and Solution Path of Mobile Imaging: Motorola/Lenovo

Freshmen Imaging Project Updates

An ISC Murder Mystery

Epidemics on Coevolving Networks: Gregory Nero

Q&A with an Alumnus: Kevin Kha

Career Tips and Resume Reviews: Jim Bondi

Discovering Hidden Text on Medieval Documents: Zoe LaLena and Lisa Enochs

Optics in AR/VR Displays: Dr. Hong Hua (UofA)

Q&A with an Alumna: Elizabeth Bondi