The Great 2021 Hunt

1. Describe the 8 point Imaging Chain to someone outside of Im Sci or MPS.

2. Use a thermal camera from the stock room to image a secret message that cannot be seen in visible light.

3. Bro... like... what IS a pixel?

4. Make us an Imaging Science or MPS meme (I need to lol for it to count)

5. Do your best 10-second reenactment of a Roger lecture.

6. Eat an entire cantaloupe on video (speed it up to be 5 seconds long).

7. Explain to me why negative film stock is orange.

8. Given this hyperspectral image, find the secret message.

9. In front of the Polissini Center (43.083198, -77.674457), there are four islands and seven bridges. Show us a way to cross each bridge once and only once.

10. Go to your favorite professor and tell them why they are your favorite.

--- Final Scores ---

Imaging Science: 4

Motion Picture Science: 5