Nicholas Ng
Intern Class of 2012
Recently, CIS caught up with Nicholas Ng, one of our summer interns in 2012. He reminisced about his internship experience and updated us on what he's up to next.

Briefly describe what your research project involved.
I was working in the visual perception lab with Dr. Jeff Pelz and Susan Farnand.  My project was to see if there was a correlation between the method of reading textbooks and how much content is absorbed.  My theory was that people who spent a greater percentage of time looking at the diagrams and figures would score higher on a quiz.  I used an eye tracking software called SMI to find exactly where people were looking on the page, and with some simple math I found the percentage.  After testing 12 people, I found that I was right.

What was your favorite experience during the internship?
My favorite part of my summer was almost living the college experience.  Because I live in Massachusetts, I had to stay in a family friend’s house near RIT.  I knew nothing about the area and didn’t know anyone either.  The other high-schoolers in the internship were great though and they really taught me a lot.  They took me for a local specialty called the garbage plate, which tasted great and they did a really good job of making me feel welcome.

How has the internship influenced or changed you?
The original reason for enrolling in this program was to help determine my major.  I knew I wanted to do some type of engineering or science, but I didn’t really know what.  While touring RIT, I learned that imaging science is really a blend of all sorts of sciences and engineering.  During the internship, I really enjoyed using technology and building things, which helped me to chose my major of engineering.

What are your future plans?
After I graduate high school, I want to pursue an engineering major in either New England or New York.  I’m looking at technology schools like RIT, RPI, and WPI.

Would you recommend this experience to others?
Absolutely!  This summer was probably the best summer I’ve ever had.  During the internship I had tons of fun learning, working side by side with college professors and undergrads, and meeting some great people.

You can read the blog Nick kept while he was an intern here.

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