Jason Brown
Intern Class of 2005
Recently, CIS caught up with Jason Brown, one of our summer interns from back in 2005. He reminisced about his internship experience and updated us on what he's up to now.

Briefly describe what your research project involved.
Well this was quite a while ago now, but if I remember correctly my research involved processing data on stars to help determine their age. The original hypothesis based on the early data suggested they were old stars in the process of dying, but as it turns out they were actually young stars that had just been created.

What was your favorite experience during the internship?
My favorite experience was definitely the various field trips to local businesses that were using imaging science to create awesome products. I really enjoyed seeing all the amazing things that came out of the principals I was learning
about in my internship. It felt so tangible.

How did the internship influence or change you?
I gained a larger appreciation for the imaging science that was all around me on a daily basis, which I never would have thought of without the internship. To realize that things like light and color can be used and manipulated in so many ways was truly astounding. And the internship definitely cemented my decision to attend RIT for college!

What did you do after the internship?
After the internship I graduated high school from the Aquinas Institute, and then started up at RIT in the Information Technology program. I graduated with High Honors in 2009, earning a B.S. in IT and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

What are you up to now?
Currently I am living in New York City, working as a Project Manager for a fast-growing start up software company called Brand Networks.

What are your future plans?
I am still striving to start my own business, and would love to some day work for myself.

Would you recommend this experience to others?
I'd absolutely recommend a CIS internship for any high school student who is interested in science or technology. It was an amazing experience and I'm truly glad to have had the opportunity.

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