Emily Thompson
Intern Class of 2011
Recently, CIS caught up with Emily Thompson, one of our summer interns back in 2011. She reminisced about her internship experience and updated us on what she's up to now.

Briefly describe what your research project involved.
I worked with Joel Kastner and Rudy Montez on their research involving planetary nebulae and widely separated companion stars.

What was your favorite experience during the internship?
My favorite experience during the internship was getting my first taste of real research and coauthoring my first scientific paper! I also really enjoyed the Friday lunch picnics.

How did the internship influence or change you?
The internship greatly influenced my academic and career decisions, because after completing it I was confident that I wanted to be a physics major, and incorporate research into my future career! The experience really gave me the confidence that I needed to believe that I was capable of majoring in physics. Since the internship, I have completed 2 additional research experiences and cannot wait to start another!

What are you up to now, and what are your future plans?
This summer, I will be doing an international REU through the University of Florida, conducting gravitational physics research at Cardiff University in Wales! My long term goals are to obtain a Ph.D in physics and somehow incorporate research into my future career. 

Would you recommend this experience to others?
I absolutely recommend this internship to others because it was a life changing experience for me that really motivated me to take charge of my future. It was just the right amount of challenging research while still having lots of fun!

Emily graduated from West Irondequoit high school in 2012. You can read the blog she kept while she was an intern here.

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