brochure design
Brochures are commonly used as a public relations tool. Their purpose is to sell, tell or show something to an audience. When there is a tight budget, a brochure can double its function by serving as a direct mail piece as well as a promotional flyer. brochure example

When designing a brochure, keep in mind that it must show and tell the product or service in a clear and organized manner. Keep in mind what the purpose of the brochure is and who the target audience is, how it will be mailed (in an envelope or as a self-mailer), and how it will distributed.

You will have to determine: What type of images will best help you deliver your message; How many pages will be needed to fit all of the information as well as leaving enough white space; Which typeface(s) (limit it to three) will be appropriate for the message and the audience.

The key to successful brochure design is unity. Be consistent with the way to set your body copy, headlines, captions and imagery. Each panel of the brochure has to relate to the previous one to keep your reader moving smoothly from panel to panel.

Be selective if you choose to use color. Color can make your layout more dynamic and add an element of interest, but if it is overdone the brochure will not be successful. Think about the audience and the organization you are designing for and make color choices that would benefit both.

A brochure should:

Be consistent throughout by using the same typefaces/styles on each page and keeping the grid the same, but varying the layout.

Have a design solution for a long shelf life, from several months to several years. Stay away from trendy colors or typefaces that will make it look dated.

Have a well throughout design so the reader can understand the information and move through it in a clear and orderly way.

Draw your reader inside by having inviting headlines and imagery.

Display company or reader response information prominently by including contact information, address, phone number or e-mail.

Have a functional size to fit its purpose. It should easily fit into an envelope or a folder if that is what your client would like.
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