Here you can find links to other excellent astronomy web pages!

Professional Organizations & Colleges
These are the colleges I have attended and professional organizations that I belong to:


Astronomy in the Rochester Area
Check out these websites for astronomy opportunities in the Rochester NY area!

     Rochester Museum & Science Center                 MEES observatory                ASRAS                   RIT Observatory

Astronomy for the Geneal Public
Below are some excellent resources for learning about astronomy and keeping up with current discoveries. Most material on these sites is intended for the "new astronomer".

                                                                     Astronomy Picture of the Day       Space Weather          Astronomy Magazine          Universe Today                  Astro Did You Know?

Astronomy for Kids
Below are some fun and educational websites specifically designed to get children and families engaged in astronomy.


Laughs for your "inner geek"


Research Resources

   Astro-ph Arxiv                        Astrophyiscs Data System