Manoj Acharya



Research Interests

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition,Embedded Systems, Robotics, Machine Learning

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Python,C, C++, Matlab

Toolbox: OpenCV


  1. Real Time Motion Assessment for Positioning in Time and Space Critical Systems PDFVideo
  2. Computer Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Speech Disabled PersonsPDFVideo

Research Projects

Real Time Motion Assessment for Positioning In Time and Space Critical Systems

With the advent of computer vision, every system seems to encompass the ideas and control system is not an exception to it. The notion of image processing articulates the ideas of intuitiveness and elegance in almost every engineering paradigm and ameliorates the systems which currently lag behinds in achieving fidelity that every systems is supposed to have. We propose here an image processing based ball and beam system, where the real time position sensing is carried out with a camera and PID control system has been attuned to overcome time and space instabilities. Our system has proven to work efficiently exhibiting a good dynamic response and thus has been a step towards novel inception in the domain of control system and computer vision based co-design.


Computer Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition For Speech Disabled Persons

This paper proposes a method to recognize static hand gestures in an image or video where a person is performing Nepali Sign Language (NSL) and translate it to words and sentences. The classification is carried out using Neural Network where contour of the hand is used as the feature. The work is verified successfully for NSL recognition using signer dependency analysis.


Professional Experience

Visualize your house in Colours

This project involves colouring the house/rooms to help people making effective design decisions.

Developed QT software to load houses/rooms images and overlay selected colour with gradient at selected places.

Visualize Yourself with jewelries

This project aids jewelries buyers to view themselves with a certain items.

Developed QT software to detect head and then necks and appropriately place the jewelries piece on in real time.

MATLAB(Remeshing the STL object files)

The object was to be re-meshed to be opened in MATLAB to do boolean difference operations as well as load it efficiently in MATLAB. I used QUARDRIC MESH DECIMATION in C++ to perform the function.