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TI: Analysis of a dielectric interface by development on a multimodal base of Gaussian beams

AU: Pascal,-O.; Lemaitre,-F.; Soum,-G.; Fontaine,-L.

SO: JINA-94.-Journees-Internationales-de-Nice-sur-les-Antennes-Conferences-Proceedings-of-the-International-Symposium-on-Antennas. 1994: 501-4

PB: France Telecom CNET, La Turbie, France

RT: Conference-Paper


TI: Birth and evolution of wave-front dislocations via optical damage in LiNbO/sub 3/ crystal

AU: Vasnetsov,-M.-V.; Ilyenkov,-A.-V.; Soskin,-M.-S.

SO: Ukrayins'kyi-Fizychnyi-Zhurnal. 1994; 39(5): 542-4; Translation in: Ukrainian-Journal-of-Physics.

PB: Natl. Acad. Sci. Ukr

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: A new twist on light: applications of the optical vortex soliton

AU: Swartzlander,-G.-A.-,-Jr.; Law,-C.-T.

SO: LEOS-'94.-Conference-Proceedings.-IEEE-Lasers-and-Electro-Optics-Society-1994-7th-Annual-Meeting-Cat.-No.94CH3371-2. 1994: 339 vol.2

PB: IEEE, New York, NY, USA

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 0780314700


TI: A new twist on light: applications of the optical vortex soliton

AU: Swartzlander,-G.-A.-,-Jr.; Law,-C.-T.

SO: 1994-IEEE-Nonlinear-Optics:-Materials,-Fundamentals,-and-Applications-Cat.-No.94CH3370-4. 1994: 27-9

PB: IEEE, New York, NY, USA

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 0780314735


TI: Diffraction of a plane wave on one class of practically important complex interferograms

AU: Osipov,-V.-Yu.

SO: Optoelectronics,-Instrumentation-and-Data-Processing. 1994; (4): 70-9; Original: Avtometriya-. 1994; (4): 75-85

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Coherent and partially coherent twisting beams

AU: Gori,-F.; Bagini,-V.; Santarsiero,-M.; Frezza,-F.; Schettini,-G.; Spagnolo,-G.-S.

SO: Optical-Review. Dec. 1994; 1(2): 143-5

RT: Conference-Paper; Journal-Paper


TI: Phase matching and distribution of optical vortices in three coupling degenerate Gauss-Laguerre modes

AU: Wang-Kai-Ge

SO: Acta-Physica-Sinica-Overseas-Edition. Nov. 1994; 3(11): 814-20

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Polarized vortex dynamics in Kerr nonlinear material

AU: Law,-C.-T.; Swartzlander,-G.-A.-,-Jr.

SO: IQEC-'94.-Summaries-of-papers-presented-at-the-International-Quantum-Electronics-Conference.-Vol.9.-1994-Technical-Digest-Series-Conference-Edition-Cat.-No.94CH3462-9. 1994: 220

PB: Opt. Soc. America, Washington, DC, USA

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 0780319737


TI: Weakly multimode dynamics of a photorefractive oscillator

AU: Hennequin,-D.; Dambly,-L.; Dangoisse,-D.; Glorieux,-P.

SO: Journal-de-Physique-III-Applied-Physics,-Materials-Science,-Fluids,-Plasma-and-Instrumentation. Dec. 1994; 4(12): 2459-69

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TI: Wave-field phase singularities: the sign principle

AU: Freund,-I.; Shvartsman,-N.

SO: Physical-Review-A-Atomic,-Molecular,-and-Optical-Physics. Dec. 1994; 50(6): 5164-72

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TI: Polarized optical vortex solitons: instabilities and dynamics in Kerr nonlinear media

AU: Law,-C.-T.; Swartzlander,-G.-A.-,-Jr.

SO: Chaos,-Solitons-and-Fractals. Aug.-Sept. 1994; 4(8-9): 1759-66

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TI: Dynamics of dark solitons

AU: Kivshar,-Y.-S.; Xiaoping-Yang

SO: Chaos,-Solitons-and-Fractals. Aug.-Sept. 1994; 4(8-9): 1745-58

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TI: Transverse modes and patterns of electrically pumped vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor lasers

AU: Hua-Li; Lucas,-T.-L.; McInerney,-J.-G.; Morgan,-R.-A.

SO: Chaos,-Solitons-and-Fractals. Aug.-Sept. 1994; 4(8-9): 1619-36

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TI: Spatio-temporal structures from four-wave mixing and phase modulation

AU: Brambilla,-M.; Gatti,-A.; Lugiato,-L.-A.; Prati,-F.

SO: Chaos,-Solitons-and-Fractals. Aug.-Sept. 1994; 4(8-9): 1277-306

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TI: Topological properties of the edge states scattered by a simply connected point contact

AU: Marigliano-Ramaglia,-V.; Ventriglia,-F.; Zucchelli,-G.-P.

SO: Journal-de-Physique-I-General-Physics,-Statistical-Physics,-Condensed-Matter,-Cross-Disciplinary-Physics. Nov. 1994; 4(11): 1743-54

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TI: Nonlinear rotation of three-dimensional dark spatial solitons in a Gaussian laser beam

AU: Luther-Davies,-B.; Powles,-R.; Tikhonenko,-V.

SO: Optics-Letters. 15 Nov. 1994; 19(22): 1816-18

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: Three-dimensional optical vortex solitons were created when a Gaussian beam containing a pair of off-axis screw dislocations propagated through a self-defocusing medium. We demonstrate rotation of the solitons around the beam axis by 90 degrees as the nonlinearity is increased.


TI: Helical-wavefront laser beams produced with a spiral phaseplate

AU: Beijersbergen,-M.-W.; Coerwinkel,-R.-P.-C.; Woerdman,-J.-P.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Dec. 1994; 112(5-6): 321-7

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Correlation functions in the presence of optical vortices

AU: Harkness,-G.-K.; Lega,-J.-C.; Oppo,-G.--L.

SO: Chaos,-Solitons-and-Fractals. Aug.-Sept. 1994; 4(8-9): 1519-33

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: We evaluate two-dimensional field and intensity correlation functions for the optical Ginzburg-Landau and laser equations in the presence of optical vortices. Configurations of rotating vortices, vortices superimposed on travelling waves and defect mediated turbulence are analysed and compared. Intensity correlations provide a qualitative indicator for the degree of disorder of spatio-temporal evolutions. For example, patterns with few rotating vortices have correlation lengths comparable to or larger than the transverse size of the system, while few vortices superimposed on travelling waves can generate weak turbulence.


TI: Dynamics of optical-vortex solitons in perturbed nonlinear media

AU: Yijiang-Chen; Atai,-J.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America-B-Optical-Physics. Oct. 1994; 11(10): 2000-3

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Wave-field phase singularities: near-neighbor correlations and anticorrelations

AU: Shvartsman,-N.; Freund,-I.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America-A-Optics,-Image-Science-and-Vision. Oct. 1994; 11(10): 2710-18

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical vortex interaction in lasers

AU: Jeffery,-M.; D'Angelo,-E.-J.

SO: International-Journal-of-Bifurcation-and-Chaos-in-Applied-Sciences-and-Engineering. June 1994; 4(3): 675-91

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Supernumerary ice-crystal halos?

AU: Berry,-M.-V.

SO: Applied-Optics. 20 July 1994; 33(21): 4563-8

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Linear polarization Raman optical activity. The importance of the non-resonant term in the Kramers-Heisenberg-Dirac dispersion formula under resonance conditions

AU: Hecht,-L.; Barron,-L.-D.

SO: Chemical-Physics-Letters. 5 Aug. 1994; 225(4-6): 519-24

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: The Sagnac experiment with X radiation

AU: Vysotskii,-V.-I.; Vorontsov,-V.-I.; Kuzmin,-R.; Bezirganyan,-P.-A.; Rostomyan,-A.-G.

SO: Physics-Uspekhi-. March 1994; 37(3): 289-302; Original: Uspekhi-Fizicheskii-Nauk. March 1994; 164(3): 309-24

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Z-scan studies in the thin- and the thick-sample limits

AU: Chapple,-P.-B.; Staromlynska,-J.; McDuff,-R.-G.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America-B-Optical-Physics. June 1994; 11(6): 975-82

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Evanescent and real waves in quantum billiards and Gaussian beams

AU: Berry,-M.-V.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-A-Mathematical-and-General. 7 June 1994; 27(11): L391-8

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TI: Graphical study of Laguerre-Gaussian beam modes

AU: Arora,-R.-K.; Lu,-Z.

SO: IEE-Proceedings-Microwaves,-Antennas-and-Propagation. June 1994; 141(3): 145-50

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Change in sign of the topological charge of optical vortices in the field of a multimode fiber

AU: Volyar,-A.-V.; Lapayeva,-S.-N.; Fadeeva,-T.-A.

SO: Technical-Physics-Letters. March 1994; 20(3): 187-9; Original: Pis'ma-v-Zhurnal-Tekhnicheskoi-Fizika. March 1994; 20(5-6): 27-31

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical vortices in Gaussian random wave fields: statistical probability densities

AU: Freund,-I.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America-A-Optics-and-Image-Science. May 1994; 11(5): 1644-52

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TI: Optical-axis perturbation singularity in an out-of-plane ring resonator

AU: Shinan-Chur-Sheng

SO: Optics-Letters. 15 May 1994; 19(10): 683-5

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: I use a matrix approach to determine the optical-axis perturbation sensitivity of an out-of-plane stable ring resonator. It is found to have a singularity for certain design parameters. On one side of the singularity the cavity behaves abnormally. The longer the mirror radius, the larger the mode volume and, surprisingly, the less the perturbation sensitivity. This is opposite the behavior of conventional stable resonators, a finding that is important to the cavity designs of out-of-plane ring lasers.


TI: Diffractive optical Hough transform implemented with phase singularities

AU: Roux,-F.-S.

SO: Applied-Optics. 10 May 1994; 33(14): 2955-9

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Diffractive optical elements with spiral phase dislocations

AU: Paterson,-C.

SO: Journal-of-Modern-Optics. April 1994; 41(4): 757-65

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TI: Flowerlike patterns generated by a laser beam transmitted through a rubidium cell with single feedback mirror

AU: Grynberg,-G.; Maitre,-A.; Petrossian,-A.

SO: Physical-Review-Letters. 11 April 1994; 72(15): 2379-82

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: A spatial instability is observed when a laser beam at 795 nm is transmitted through a rubidium cell with single plane feedback mirror. The emitted beams have patterns looking like flowers. The dependence of the number of petals in the pattern with the distance between the cell and the mirror is studied and interpreted using an expansion of the instability in Laguerre-Gauss modes. This experiment shows the influence of the saturation of the nonlinearity in the pattern selection.


TI: Vortices in random wave fields: nearest neighbor anticorrelations

AU: Shvartsman,-N.; Freund,-I.

SO: Physical-Review-Letters. 14 Feb. 1994; 72(7): 1008-11

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Dynamical transverse laser patterns. I. Theory

AU: Brambilla,-M.; Cattaneo,-M.; Lugiato,-L.-A.; Pirovano,-R.; Prati,-F.; Kent,-A.-J.; Oppo,-G.--L.; Coates,-A.-B.; Weiss,-C.-O.; Green,-C.; D'Angelo,-E.-J.; Tredicce,-J.-R.

SO: Physical-Review-A-Atomic,-Molecular,-and-Optical-Physics. Feb. 1994; 49(2): 1427-51

RT: Journal-Paper


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TI: Pattern formation and competition in photorefractive oscillators

AU: Arecchi,-F.-T.; Boccaletti,-S.; Puccioni,-G.-P.; Ramazza,-P.-L.; Residori,-S.

SO: Chaos-. Sept. 1994; 4(3): 491-8.


TI: Boundary dominated versus bulk dominated regime in optical space-time complexity

AU: Arecchi,-F.-T.; Boccaletti,-S.; Giacomelli,-G.; Puccioni,-G.-P.;

Ramazza,-P.-L.; Residori,-S.

SO: International-Journal-of-Bifurcation-and-Chaos-in-Applied-Sciences-and-Engineering.

Oct. 1994; 4(5): 1281-95.


TI: Transverse modes, vortices and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

AU: Brown-De-Colstoun,-F.; Khitrova,-G.; Fedorov,-A.-V.; Nelson,-T.-R.; Lowry,-C.; Brennan,-T.-M.; Hammons,-B.-G.; Maker,-P.-D.

SO: Chaos,-Solitons-and-Fractals. Aug.-Sept. 1994; 4(8-9): 1575-96

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Gaussian-beam-induced vortices in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

AU: de-Colstoun,-F.-B.; Fedorov,-A.-V.; Khitrova,-G.; Nelson,-T.-R.; Lowry,-C.-W.; Gibbs,-H.-M.; Brennan,-T.-M.; Hammons,-B.-G.

SO: IQEC-'94.-Summaries-of-papers-presented-at-the-International-Quantum-Electronics-Conference.-Vol.9.-1994-Technical-Digest-Series-Conference-Edition-Cat.-No.94CH3462-9. 1994: 70-1

PB: Opt. Soc. America, Washington, DC, USA

RT: Conference-Paper