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TI: Statistical characteristics of dislocations of the phase front of a deterministic sound field in a waveguide

AU: Zhuravlev,-V.-A.; Kobozev,-I.-K.; Kravtsov,-Yu.-A.

SO: Acoustical-Physics. Nov.-Dec. 1993; 39(6): 558-62; Original: Akusticheskii-Zhurnal. Nov.-Dec. 1993; 39(6): 1059-67

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TI: Patterns and weak optical turbulence in wide-aperture lasers

AU: Moloney,-J.-V.; Jakobsen,-P.-K.; Lega,-J.; Newell,-A.-C.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-SPIE-The-International-Society-for-Optical-Engineering. 1993; 1869: 13-25

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TI: Stability of phase information

AU: Fleet,-D.-J.; Jepson,-A.-D.

SO: IEEE-Transactions-on-Pattern-Analysis-and-Machine-Intelligence. Dec. 1993; 15(12): 1253-68

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TI: Relations between Hermite and Laguerre Gaussian modes

AU: Kimel,-I.; Elias,-L.-R.

SO: IEEE-Journal-of-Quantum-Electronics. Sept. 1993; 29(9): 2562-7

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TI: The electromagnetic force for `vortical' optics and traps of particles

AU: Shapiro,-V.-E.

SO: Hyperfine-Interactions. Dec. 1993; 81(1-4): 223-6

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TI: Interplay of linear and nonlinear effects in the formation of optical vortices in a nonlinear resonator

AU: Lippi,-G.-L.; Ackemann,-T.; Hoffer,-L.-M.; Gahl,-A.; Lange,-W.

SO: Physical-Review-A-Atomic,-Molecular,-and-Optical-Physics. Dec. 1993; 48(6): R4043-6

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TI: Broken time-reversal symmetry of anisotropic superfluidity

AU: Kita,-T.

SO: Journal-of-the-Physical-Society-of-Japan. Oct. 1993; 62(10): 3539-56

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TI: The divergence and Strehl ratios of L-G multi-mode beams

AU: Whitehouse,-D.-R.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-SPIE-The-International-Society-for-Optical-Engineering. 1993; 1834: 86-97

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TI: Transverse mode locking, antilocking and self-induced dynamics of class-B lasers

AU: Staliunas,-K.; Tarroja,-M.-F.-H.; Weiss,-C.-O.

SO: Optics-Communications. 15 Sept. 1993; 102(1-2): 69-75

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TI: Power extraction with an on-axis aperture

AU: Faatz,-B.; Best,-R.-W.-B.; Oepts,-D.; van-Amersfoort,-P.-W.

SO: Nuclear-Instruments-&-Methods-in-Physics-Research,-Section-A-Accelerators,-Spectrometers,-Detectors-and-Associated-Equipment. 1 July 1993; A331(1-3): 636-9

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TI: Diffractive lens with a null in the center of its focal point

AU: Roux,-F.-S.

SO: Applied-Optics. 1 Aug. 1993; 32(22): 4191-2

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TI: Diffraction optical implementation of rotation transform performed by using phase singularities

AU: Roux,-F.-S.

SO: Applied-Optics. 10 July 1993; 32(20): 3715-19

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TI: Distortion of the laser beam induced by the electron plasma in harmonic generation experiments

AU: Altucci,-C.; Ansari,-N.-A.; Bruzzese,-R.; de-Lisio,-C.; Solimeno,-S.; Kay,-R.-B.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-B-Atomic,-Molecular-and-Optical-Physics. 14 June 1993; 26(11): 1761-73

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TI: Control of the transverse mode distribution in free electron lasers

AU: Faatz,-B.; Best,-R.-W.-B.; Oepts,-D.; van-Amersfoort,-P.-W.

SO: Pure-and-Applied-Optics. May 1993; 2(3): 195-210

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TI: Optical vortex solitons and the stability of dark soliton stripes

AU: Law,-C.-T.; Swartzlander,-G.-A.-,-Jr.

SO: Optics-Letters. 15 April 1993; 18(8): 586-8

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AB: Dark soliton stripes are robust but can decay into optical vortex solitons when subjected to a persistent, long-period, transverse modulation. The authors explore the nonlinear dynamics of this symmetry-breaking process and determine growth rates, vortex densities, and other characteristics by conducting a nonlinear stability analysis that uses numerical techniques for several cases of special interest.


TI: Stability of phase-singular solutions to the one-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation

AU: Sasa,-S.; Iwamoto,-T.

SO: Physics-Letters-A. 19 April 1993; 175(5): 289-94

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TI: Restless optical vortex

AU: Weiss,-C.-O.; Telle,-H.-R.; Staliunas,-K.; Brambilla,-M.

SO: Physical-Review-A-Atomic,-Molecular,-and-Optical-Physics. March 1993; 47(3): R1616-19

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TI: Optical singularities in doped quantum-well wires

AU: Rodriguez,-F.-J.; Tejedor,-C.

SO: Physical-Review-B-Condensed-Matter. 15 Jan. 1993; 47(3): 1506-15

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TI: Optical vortices and their propagation

AU: Indebetouw,-G.

SO: Journal-of-Modern-Optics. Jan. 1993; 40(1): 73-87

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TI: Astigmatic laser mode converters and transfer of orbital angular momentum

AU: Beijersbergen,-M.-W.; Allen,-L.; van-der-Veen,-H.-E.-L.-O.; Woerdman,-J.-P.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Feb. 1993; 96(1-3): 123-32

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TI: Phase defects in a nonlinear Fabry-Perot resonator

AU: Neubecker,-R.; Kreuzer,-M.; Tschudi,-T.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Feb. 1993; 96(1-3): 117-22

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TI: Dark spatial soliton break-up in the transverse plane

AU: McDonald,-G.-S.; Syed,-K.-S.; Firth,-W.-J.

SO: Optics-Communications. 15 Jan. 1993; 95(4-6): 281-8

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TI: Transition from boundary- to bulk-controlled regimes in optical pattern formation

AU: Arecchi,-F.-T.; Boccaletti,-S.; Ramazza,-P.-L.; Residori,-S.

SO: Physical-Review-Letters. 12 April 1993; 70(15): 2277-80


TI: Spatial patterns in semiconductor lasers

AU: Khitrova,-G.; Brown-de-Colstoun,-F.; Lowry,-C.-W.; Wright,-E.-M.; Gibbs,-H.-M.; Brennan,-T.-M.; Hammons,-B.-E.

SO: LEOS-'93-Conference-Proceedings.-IEEE-Lasers-and-Electro-Optics-Society-1993-Annual-Meeting-Cat.-No.93CH3297-9. 1993: 304-5

PB: IEEE, New York, NY, USA

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