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TI: Transverse spatio-temporal patterns in lasers

AU: Brambilla,-M.; Lugiato,-L.-A.; Pirovano,-R.; Prati,-F.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-SPIE-The-International-Society-for-Optical-Engineering. 1992; 1840: 194-207

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TI: Transverse spatial patterns in lasers: dynamics, chaos and noise

AU: Brambilla,-M.; Cattaneo,-M.; Lugiato,-L.-A.; Pirovano,-R.; Prati,-F.

ED: Musha,-T.; Sato,-S.; Yamamoto,-M.

SO: Noise-in-Physical-Systems-and-1/f-Fluctuations. 1992: 337-40

PB: IOS Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands

RT: Conference-Paper


TI: Screw dislocations as phase defects in the radiation of an industrial TEA CO/sub 2/ laser

AU: Bobrov,-B.-D.; Snezhkov,-G.-Yu.

SO: Soviet-Physics-Technical-Physics. March 1992; 37(3): 344-7; Original: Zhurnal-Tekhnicheskoi-Fiziki. March 1992; 62(3): 200-4

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical vortices in beam propagation through a self-defocusing medium

AU: McDonald,-G.-S.; Syed,-K.-S.; Firth,-W.-J.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Dec. 1992; 94(5): 469-76

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TI: Two-dimensional optical lattices in a CO/sub 2/ laser

AU: Dangoisse,-D.; Hennequin,-D.; Lepers,-C.; Louvergneaux,-E.; Glorieux,-P.

SO: Physical-Review-A-Atomic,-Molecular,-and-Optical-Physics. 1 Nov. 1992; 46(9): 5956-8

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TI: A new family of nondiffracting solutions of Maxwell equations

AU: Risset,-C.--A.

SO: Comptes-Rendus-de-l'Academie-des-Sciences,-Serie-II-Mecanique,-Physique,-Chimie-Sciences-de-la-Terre-et-de-l'Univers. 22 Oct. 1992; 315(9): 1055-60

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TI: Electromagnetic Gaussian beam beyond the paraxial regime

AU: Friberg,-A.-T.; Jaakkola,-T.; Tuovinen,-J.

SO: IEEE-Transactions-on-Antennas-and-Propagation. Aug. 1992; 40(8): 984-9

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TI: Spatiotemporal pattern formation and chaos in passive optical systems

AU: Brambilla,-M.; Broggi,-G.; Prati,-F.

SO: Physica-D. 15 Sept. 1992; 58(1-4): 339-64

RT: Conference-Paper; Journal-Paper


TI: Optical vortex solitons observed in Kerr nonlinear media

AU: Swartzlander,-G.-A.-,-Jr.; Law,-C.-T.

SO: Physical-Review-Letters. 26 Oct. 1992; 69(17): 2503-6

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: Optical vortex-soliton filaments are observed in a bulk self-defocusing Kerr nonlinear refractive medium. The dark cylindrical core, located at the axis of a 2 pi helical phase ramp, is stationary and stable, with a size that depends inversely on the field strength. Wave guiding of a weak probe beam within the core is reported. A single optical vortex soliton was experimentally created using a quasihelical phase mask. Pairs having opposite topological charge were experimentally and numerically investigated using a convective Kelvin-Helmholtz instability of dark soliton stripes.


TI: Statistical characteristics of phase front dislocations of a wave field

AU: Zuravlev,-V.-A.; Kobozev,-I.-K.; Kravtsov,-Yu.-A.

SO: Soviet-Physics-JETP. Aug. 1992; 75(2): 256-62; Original: Zhurnal-Eksperimental'noi-i-Teoreticheskoi-Fiziki. Aug. 1992; 102(2): 483-95

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TI: Spatiotemporal chaos in the one-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation

AU: Shraiman,-B.-I.; Pumir,-A.; van-Saarloos,-W.; Hohenberg,-P.-C.; Chate,-H.; Holen,-M.

SO: Physica-D. 15 Aug. 1992; 57(3-4): 241-8

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TI: The Wigner distribution function applied to laser radiation

AU: Gase,-R.

SO: Optical-and-Quantum-Electronics. Sept. 1992; 24(9): S1109-18

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TI: Laser beams with phase singularities

AU: Heckenberg,-N.-R.; McDuff,-R.; Smith,-C.-P.; Rubinsztein-Dunlop,-H.; Wegener,-M.-J.

SO: Optical-and-Quantum-Electronics. Sept. 1992; 24(9): S951-62

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TI: Optical vortices during three-wave nonlinear coupling

AU: Staliunas,-K.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 July 1992; 91(1-2): 82-6

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TI: Dynamics of optical vortices in a laser beam

AU: Staliunas,-K.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 June 1992; 90(1-3): 123-7

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TI: Orbital angular momentum of light and the transformation of Laguerre-Gaussian laser modes

AU: Allen,-L.; Beijersbergen,-M.-W.; Spreeuw,-R.-J.-C.; Woerdman,-J.-P.

SO: Physical-Review-A-Atomic,-Molecular,-and-Optical-Physics. 1 June 1992; 45(11): 8185-9

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Generalized description of the effects of a thin nonlinear medium upon the propagation of an optical beam

AU: McDuff,-R.; Smith,-A.-E.; Heckenberg,-N.-R.; Hermann,-J.-A.

SO: International-Journal-of-Nonlinear-Optical-Physics. April 1992; 1(2): 265-86

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical singularities of the one-dimensional electron gas in semiconductor quantum wires

AU: Calleja,-J.-M.; Goni,-A.-R.; Dennis,-B.-S.; Weiner,-J.-S.; Pinczuk,-A.; Schmitt-Rink,-S.; Pfeiffer,-L.-N.; West,-K.-W.; Muller,-J.-F.; Ruckenstein,-A.-E.

SO: Surface-Science. 19 Feb. 1992; 263(1-3): 346-50

RT: Conference-Paper; Journal-Paper


TI: Gauss-Laguerre modes: a `sensible' basis for laser dynamics

AU: D'Alessandro,-G.; Oppo,-F.--L.

SO: Optics-Communications. 15 March 1992; 88(2-3): 130-6

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Generation of optical phase singularities by computer-generated holograms

AU: Heckenberg,-N.-R.; McDuff,-R.; Smith,-C.-P.; White,-A.-G.

SO: Optics-Letters. 1 Feb. 1992; 17(3): 221-3

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: Laser beams that contain phase singularities can be generated with computer-generated holograms, which in the simplest case have the form of spiral Fresnel zone plates.


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TI: Statistics of topological defects in linear and nonlinear optics

AU: Ramazza,-P.-L.; Residori,-S.; Giacomelli,-G.; Arecchi,-F.-T.

SO: Europhysics-Letters. 15 July 1992; 19(6): 475-80.


TI: Patterns, space-time chaos and topological defects in nonlinear optics

AU: Arecchi,-F.-T.; Boccaletti,-S.; Giacomelli,-G.; Puccioni,-G.-P.;

Ramazza,-P.-L.; Residori,-S.

SO: Physica-D. 30 Dec. 1992; 61(1-4): 25-39.