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TI: Wave geometry: a plurality of singularities

AU: Berry,-M.-V.

ED: Anandan,-J.-S.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-International-Conference-on-Fundamental-Aspects-of-Quantum-Theory-to-Celebrate-30-Years-of-the-Aharonov-Bohm-Effect.-Quantum-Coherence. 1990: 92-8

PB: World Scientific, Singapore

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 9810202563


TI:: Excitation of Gauss-Laguerre modes in parabolic-index fibers by astigmatic Gauss-Hermite beams or by Gauss-Laguerre beams with offset, tilt and gap

AU: Krivoshlykov,-S.-G.; Sauter,-E.-G.

SO: Archiv-fur-Elektronik-und-Uebertragungstechnik. Nov.-Dec. 1990; 44(6): 462-9

RT: Journal-Paper


TI:: Gauss-Laguerre modes in a high-grain FEL

AU: Best,-R.-W.-B.; Faatz,-B.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-D-Applied-Physics. 14 Nov. 1990; 23(11): 1337-41

RT: Journal-Paper


TI:: Modans-Optical elements for analysis and synthesis of laser mode structure

AU: Sissakian,-I.-N.; Soifer,-V.-A.

SO: Computer-Optics. 1990; 2(2): 109-13; Original: Komp'yuternaya-Optika. 1990; 2(2):

RT: Journal-Paper


TI:: Accurate modal characterization of passive components based on selective excitation of optical fibers

AU: Pagnoux,-D.; Facq,-P.; Seignole,-J.--F.; Blondy,-J.--M.

ED: Day,-G.-W.; Franzen,-D.-L.

SO: Technical-Digest-Symposium-on-Optical-Fiber-Measurements,-1990-NIST/SP-792. 1990: 183-6

PB: NIST, Washington, DC, USA

RT: Conference-Paper


TI:: Scale-space singularities

AU: Jepson,-A.-D.; Fleet,-D.-J.

ED: Faugeras,-O.

SO: Computer-Vision-ECCV-90.-First-European-Conference-on-Computer-Vision-Proceedings. 1990: 50-5

PB: Springer-Verlag, Berlin, West Germany

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 354052522X


TI:: Transmission of submillimeter laser beams along hollow-core dielectric waveguides

AU: Epishin,-V.-A.; Maslov,-V.-A.; Ryabykh,-V.-N.; Svich,-V.-A.; Topkov,-A.-N.

SO: Soviet-Journal-of-Quantum-Electronics. April 1990; 20(4): 415-19; Original: Kvantovaya-Elektronika,-Moskva. April 1990; 17(4): 480-4

RT: Journal-Paper


TI:: Transverse pattern formation and spectral characteristics of CW light beams in resonant media: an improved numerical simulation technique and mode analysis

AU: Derbov,-V.-L.; Melnikov,-L.-A.; Novikov,-A.-D.; Potapov,-S.-K.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America-B-Optical-Physics. June 1990; 7(6): 1079-86

RT: Journal-Paper


TI:: Cavity eigenmodes for a free-electron laser

AU: Riyopoulos,-S.; Tang,-C.-M.

SO: Journal-of-Applied-Physics. 15 Feb. 1990; 67(4): 1669-75

RT: Journal-Paper


TI:: Preferential operation of an end-pumped Nd:YAG laser in high-order Laguerre-Gauss modes

AU: Flood,-C.-J.; Giuliani,-G.; van-Driel,-H.-M.

SO: Optics-Letters. 15 Feb. 1990; 15(4): 215-17

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: A small Nd:YAG laser with plano-concave resonator end pumped by a dye laser is observed to possess single Laguerre-Gauss transverse modes as the lowest-loss modes. This anomalous behaviour occurs when the transverse dimension of the gain spot is much smaller than the fundamental TEM/sub 00/-mode spot size of the resonator; the Laguerre-Gauss transverse-mode order varies with resonator length.


TI:: Spatio-temporal chaos and wave field dislocations on a parametrically excited fluid surface

AU: Rabinovich,-M.-I.; Reutov,-V.-P.; Rogal'skii,-A.-V.

SO: Physics-Letters-A. 5 March 1990; 144(4-5): 259-64

RT: Journal-Paper