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TI: Disclinations in a vector field of the polarizations of acoustic and optical beams under conical refraction conditions

AU: Al'shits,-V.-I.; Darinskii,-A.-N.; Shuvalov,-A.-L.

SO: Soviet-Physics-JETP. Dec. 1989; 69(6): 1105-8; Original: Zhurnal-Eksperimental'noi-i-Teoreticheskoi-Fiziki. Dec. 1989; 96(6): 1958-64

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Robustness under uncertainty with phase information

AU: Lee,-L.; Tits,-A.-L.; Fan,-M.-K.-H.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-28th-IEEE-Conference-on-Decision-and-Control-Cat.-No.89CH2642-7. 1989: 2315-16 vol.3

PB: IEEE, New York, NY, USA

RT: Conference-Paper


TI: Dislocations of a phase front in an ocean waveguide and their manifestation in acoustical measurements

AU: Zhuravlev,-V.-A.; Kobozev,-I.-K.; Kravtsov,-Yu.-A.

SO: Soviet-Physics-Acoustics. March-April 1989; 35(2): 156-9; Original: Akusticheskii-Zhurnal. March-April 1989; 35(2): 260-5

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Phase-space singularities in atomistic planar diffusive flow

AU: Hoover,-W.-G.; Moran,-B.

SO: Physical-Review-A-General-Physics. 1 Nov. 1989; 40(9): 5319-26

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TI: Spiral shape of the dislocation of standing waves

AU: Lega,-J.

SO: Comptes-Rendus-de-l'Academie-des-Sciences,-Serie-II-Mecanique,-Physique,-Chimie,-Sciences-de-l'Univers,-Sciences-de-la-Terre. 9 Nov. 1989; 309(14): 1401-6

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical vortices

AU: Coulet,-P.; Gil,-L.; Rocca,-F.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Nov. 1989; 73(5): 403-8

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: It is shown that laser cavities with large Fresnel number can exhibit a state which bears some analogy with a superfluid vortex. This optical vortex is studied in the framework of a Maxwell-Bloch model. Clarification is given of the nature of the optical vortex on symmetry grounds. A quantitative analysis is proposed which relies on a Maxwell-Bloch model which was first formulated to describe the phenomenon of spontaneous transverse spatial pattern formation in lasers.


TI: Optical components for the analysis and formation of the transverse mode composition

AU: Golub,-M.-A.; Sisakyan,-I.-N.; Soifer,-V.-A.; Uvarov,-G.-V.

SO: Soviet-Journal-of-Quantum-Electronics. April 1989; 19(4): 543-9; Original: Kvantovaya-Elektronika,-Moskva. April 1989; 16(4): 832-42

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TI: Cross-spectral densities with axial symmetry

AU: Guattari,-G.; Palma,-C.; Padovani,-C.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Oct. 1989; 73(3): 173-8

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AB: The coherence properties of fields obtained by the superposition of mutually uncorrelated modes with axial symmetry are considered. The cross-spectral density function is evaluated in a closed form for the case of geometrically weighted Laguerre-Gauss modes.


TI: Phase-space singularities in planar Couette flow

AU: Morriss,-G.-P.

SO: Physical-Review-A-General-Physics. 1 May 1989; 39(9): 4811-16

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TI: Spatial symmetry breaking in optical systems

AU: Lugiato,-L.-A.; Oldano,-C.; Sartirana,-L.; Kaige,-W.; Narducci,-L.-M.; Oppo,-G.--L.; Prati,-F.; Broggi,-G.

ED: Haken,-H.

SO: Neural-and-Synergetic-Computers.-Proceedings-of-the-International-Symposium. 1988: 242-51

PB: Springer-Verlag, Berlin, West Germany

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 3540503390


TI: Zeros of the visibility and branching of interference fringes upon superposition of identical speckle fields

AU: Klimenko,-I.-S.; Sataev,-I.-R.; Ryabukho,-V.-P.; Feduleev,-B.-V.

SO: Soviet-Physics-Technical-Physics. Oct. 1988; 33(10): 1188-93; Original: Zhurnal-Tekhnicheskoi-Fiziki. Oct. 1988; 58(10): 1955-65

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: An analysis is made of the spatial distribution of the zeros of the amplitude of the complex visibility function and the related branching regions of the low-frequency interference fringes in the field of a superposition of two identical fields displaced relative to each other. The method of stationary phase is used to investigate the nature of the spatial distribution of the surfaces of zero visibility in the volume of the superposition speckle field. It is shown that the phase dislocation and branching of the interference fringes in the characteristic transverse and longitudinal sections through the superposition field are manifested differently depending on the shape of the aperture bounding the entrance pupil of the viewing system. The experimental results exhibit good agreement with the theoretical conclusions.


TI: Wave equation for the optical guiding in a free-electron laser with full account of electron wiggling

AU: Solimeno,-S.; Bruzzese,-R.; Yu-Jiuan-Chen

SO: Soviet-Journal-of-Quantum-Electronics. June 1988; 18(6): 776-81; Original: Kvantovaya-Elektronika,-Moskva. June 1988; 15(6): 1227-37

RT: Conference-Paper; Journal-Paper


TI: Spatial phase filters matched to transverse modes

AU: Golub,-M.-A.; Karpeev,-S.-V.; Kazanskii,-N.-L.; Mirzov,-A.-V.; Sisakyan,-I.-N.; Soifer,-V.-A.; Uvarov,-G.-V.

SO: Soviet-Journal-of-Quantum-Electronics. March 1988; 18(3): 392-3; Original: Kvantovaya-Elektronika,-Moskva. March 1988; 15(3): 617-18

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical guiding in an FEL with full account of electron wiggling and 3D propagation

AU: Yu-Jiuan-Chen; Solimeno,-S.; Carlomusto,-L.

SO: Nuclear-Instruments-&-Methods-in-Physics-Research,-Section-A-Accelerators,-Spectrometers,-Detectors-and-Associated-Equipment. Oct. 1988; A272(1-2): 490-8

RT: Conference-Paper; Journal-Paper


TI: Phase singularities and quantum dynamics

AU: Riess,-J.

SO: Physical-Review-B-Condensed-Matter. 15 Aug. 1988; 38(5): 3133-41

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Aperture efficiencies of large axisymmetric reflector antennas fed by conical horns

AU: Murphy,-J.-A.

SO: IEEE-Transactions-on-Antennas-and-Propagation. April 1988; 36(4): 570-5

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Phase saddles and dislocations in two-dimensional waves such as the tides

AU: Nye,-J.-F.; Najnal,-J.-V.; Hannay,-J.-H.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London,-Series-A-Mathematical-and-Physical-Sciences. 9 May 1988; 417(1852): 7-20

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: A two-dimensional scalar wavefield of fixed frequency contains, in general, points where the amplitude is zero and the phase is indeterminate. On a map of contours of equal phase these wave dislocations (interference nulls) are accompanied by saddles. When an external parameter is changed dislocations can be created in pairs or a pair can meet and destroy one another. For the simplest single-frequency wave equation it is a topological necessity that two saddles should participate in this event; moreover, they have to lie, in the final stage before annihilation, on the circle whose diameter is the line joining the dislocations. An example of an annihilation event occurs in the South Atlantic, and a close pair of amphidromic points may explain anomalous tidal observations from the Antarctic Peninsula. The tidal current, as distinct from the tidal rise and fall, provides an example of a two or three-dimensional vector field, and it is pointed out that the singularities in this field are precisely the same as those to be found in the polarization field of an electromagnetic wave.


TI: Study of the interference of Gaussian beams

AU: Nesterov,-V.-V.; Golovin,-S.-L.; Pankov,-F.-N.; Skoblin,-A.-A.

SO: Optics-and-Spectroscopy. Aug. 1987; 63(2): 237-8; Original: Optika-i-Spektroskopiya. Aug. 1987; 63(2): 405-8

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Three-beam model for studying dislocations in wave pulses

AU: Nicholls,-K.-W.; Nye,-J.-F.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-A-Mathematical-and-General. 1 Oct. 1987; 20(14): 4673-96

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: A model pulsed wavefield is presented that enables the behaviour of the associated wave dislocations to be computed exactly. It consists of three intersecting beams of plane-wave pulses. Because the results depend essentially only on the relative time delays of the three pulses at any given point, the computations have to be done only once, and they are then applicable, by a linear mapping, to any angular arrangement of the three beams. The model produces dislocations showing the most general behaviour: they are curved, with varying edge-screw character, and they glide and climb. The predictions of the theory of Wright and Nye, valid for small bandwidth but not rigorously justified, are shown to be correct for this model. As the bandwidth increases new dislocation behaviour becomes evident: for example, the dislocation trajectories change their connectivity at or close to saddle points for amplitude in the corresponding continuous-wave pattern. At lower bandwidths Lorentzian-shaped pulses give dislocations that travel on looped trajectories beginning and ending on the nulls of the corresponding continuous-wave pattern, while at higher bandwidths the trajectories lie in close pairs, with one member having small arrival times for the dislocations and the other having large arrival times.


TI: The Gauss-Laguerre modes of a ring resonator

AU: Ru,-P.; Narducci,-L.-M.; Tredicce,-J.-R.; Bandy,-D.-K.; Lugiato,-L.-A.

SO: Optics-Communications. 1 Sept. 1987; 63(5): 310-14

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Geometry of dislocated de Broglie waves

AU: Holland,-P.-R.

SO: Foundations-of-Physics. April 1987; 17(4): 345-63

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Reconstruction of turbulence-degraded images using the Knox-Thompson algorithm

AU: Fontanella,-J.-C.; Seve,-A.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America-A-Optics-and-Image-Science. March 1987; 4(3): 438-48

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Study of near field of diaphragmed laser

AU: Kellou,-A.; Stephan,-G.

SO: Applied-Optics. 1 Jan. 1987; 26(1): 76-90

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Alignment and performance of almost concentric resonators for low gain free-electron lasers

AU: Cutolo,-A.; Solimeno,-S.

SO: Applied-Optics. 1 Jan. 1987; 26(1): 52-62

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Performance signatures for dual-polarized transmission and cross-polarization interference cancellation of M-QAM signals over fading multipath channels

AU: Kavehrad,-M.

SO: IEEE-International-Conference-on-Communications-'86.-ICC-'86:-`Integrating-the-World-Through-Communications'.-Conference-Record-Cat.-No.86CH2314-3. 1986: 1764-8 vol.3

PB: IEEE, New York, NY, USA

RT: Conference-Paper


TI: Quasioptical coupling of Gaussian beam systems to large Cassegrain antennas

AU: Lamb,-J.-W.

SO: International-Journal-of-Infrared-and-Millimeter-Waves. Oct. 1986; 7(10): 1511-36

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Generalised open resonator theory

AU: Kwai-Man-Luk

SO: IEE-Proceedings-J-Optoelectronics. Aug. 1986; 133(4): 293-8

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Coupling coefficients of mismatched and misaligned Gauss-Hermite and Gauss-Laguerre beams

AU: Solimeno,-S.; Cutolo,-A.

SO: Optics-Letters. March 1986; 11(3): 141-3

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: The coupling coefficients of two misaligned and mismatched sets of Gauss-Laguerre (Gauss-Hermite) modes are calculated by using the generating function of the Hermite polynomials. Knowledge of these coefficients is important in calculating the sensitivity of low-gain lasers to the misalignment of the optical resonators, an example being provided by free-electron-laser devices built on storage rings.


TI: The paths of dislocations in wave pulses: an experimental test

AU: Nicholls,-K.-W.; Nye,-J.-F.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-A-Mathematical-and-General. 21 Feb. 1986; 19(3): 375-83

RT: Journal-Paper

AB: Pulsed wavefields contain moving lines, called wave dislocations, where the amplitude is zero. As the lines move they sweep out surfaces called dislocation trajectories. The authors describe an experiment with ultrasound designed to test the theoretical prediction of Wright and Nye (1982) that, for small bandwidth, the trajectories are close to parts of frequency minimum surfaces. That is, surfaces on which the corresponding continuous-wave amplitude pattern has a minimum with respect to changes in frequency. `Close' here means to second order in the bandwidth, and the prediction is indeed confirmed to this accuracy.


TI: Mode designations of laser beams

AU: Kwai-Man-Luk; Ping-Kong-Yu

SO: IEE-Proceedings-J-Optoelectronics. June 1985; 132(3): 191-4

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Coupling loss theory of single-mode waveguide resonators

AU: Hill,-C.-A.; Hall,-D.-R.

SO: Applied-Optics. 1 May 1985; 24(9): 1283-90

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Threshold light modulator for analog-to-digital image conversion

AU: Yakimovich,-A.-P.

SO: Soviet-Journal-of-Quantum-Electronics. April 1984; 14(4): 464-7; Original: Kvantovaya-Elektronika,-Moskva. April 1984; 11(4): 684-8

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Millimeter-wave Gaussian beam-mode optics and corrugated feed horns

AU: Wylde,-R.-J.

SO: IEE-Proceedings-H-Microwaves,-Optics-and-Antennas. Aug. 1984; 131(4): 258-62

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Wave-front dislocations in the soundfield of a pulsed circular piston radiator

AU: Wright,-F.-J.; Berry,-M.-V.

SO: Journal-of-the-Acoustical-Society-of-America. March 1984; 75(3): 733-48

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Threshold singularities in diffraction of electromagnetic waves by periodic half space

AU: Aivazyan,-Yu.-M.; Sozinov,-V.-A.

SO: Radiophysics-and-Quantum-Electronics. March 1983; 26(3): 250-3; Original: Izvestiya-Vysshikh-Uchebnykh-Zavedenii,-Radiofizika. March 1983; 26(3): 339-43

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Lines of circular polarization in electromagnetic wave fields

AU: Nye,-J.-F.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London,-Series-A-Mathematical-and-Physical-Sciences. 8 Oct. 1983; 389(1797): 279-90

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Optical singular value decomposition for the Ax=b problem

AU: Gruninger,-J.; Caulfield,-H.-J.

SO: 10th-International-Optical-Computing-Conference. 1983: 178-81

PB: IEEE, New York, NY, USA

RT: Conference-Paper

IB: 0818600047


TI: Wave-front dislocations: topological limitations for adaptive systems with phase conjugation

AU: Baranova,-N.-B.; Mamaev,-A.-V.; Philipetsky,-N.-F.; Shkunov,-V.-V.; Zel'dovich,-B.-Ya.

SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America. May 1983; 73(5): 525-8

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Rotating spiral waves in reaction-diffusion systems. Phase singularities of multi-armed waves

AU: Koga,-S.

SO: Progress-of-Theoretical-Physics. Jan. 1982; 67(1): 164-78

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Geometry of biological time

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.

SO: 1980:

PB: Springer-Verlag, Berlin, West Germany

RT: Book

IB: 3540093737


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TI: Wave-front dislocations: topological limitations for adaptive

systems with phase conjugation

AU: Baranova,-N.-B.; Mamaev,-A.-V.; Philipetsky,-N.-F.; Shkunov,-V.-V.;


SO: Journal-of-the-Optical-Society-of-America. May 1983; 73(5): 525-8

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Dislocations of the wavefront of a speckle-inhomogeneous pattern

(theory and experiment

AU: Baranova, -N.-B.; Zel'dovitch, -B.-Y.; Mamaev,-A.-V.; Pilipetskii,

-N.; Shkukov, -V.-V.

SO: Journal-of-Experimental-and-Theoretical-Physics. 1981; 33: 195-199

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Some geometric aspects of wave motion: wavefront dislocations,

diffraction catastrophes, diffractals

AU: Berry, -M.-V.

SO: {in book Geometry of the Laplace operator, ed A. Weinstein, in

series Proc. Symp. App. Maths. (AMS), pp13-28 (1980) }


TI: Singularities in waves and rays

AU: Berry,-M.-V.

SO: {in book Les Houches Session XXV - Physics of Defects, ed R. Balian,

M Kleman, J.-P. Poirier, North-Holland, pp453-543, 1981  }



TI: Wavefront dislocations in the Aharonov-Bohm effect and its

water-wave analogue

AU: Berry, -M.-V.; Chambers, -R.-G.; Large, -M.-D.; Upstill, -C.;

Walmsley, -J.-C.

SO: European-Journal-of-Physics. 1980; 1: 154-162

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Quantum states without time-reversal symmetry: wavefront

dislocations in a non-integrable Aharonov-Bohm billiard

AU: Berry, -M.-V.; Robnik, -M.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-A. 1986; 19:1365-72

RT: Journal-Paper


TI: Singularities in monochromatic electromagnetic waves

AU: Hajnal, -J.-V.

SO: University-of-Bristol. 1985

RT: PhD-Thesis


TI: Singularities in the transverse fields of of electromagnetic waves.

I. Theory

AU: Hajnal;-J.-V.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London-A. 1987; 414: 433-46

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Singularities in the transverse fields of of electromagnetic waves.

II Observations on the electric field

AU: Hajnal;-J.-V.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London-A. 1987; 414: 447-68

RT: Journal-paper



TI: The quantum phase 2-form near degeneracies: two numerical studies

AU: Mondragon, -R.-J.; Berry, -M.-V.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London-A. 1989; 424: 263-78

RT: Journal-paper


TI: The motion and structure of dislocations in wavefronts

AU: Nye;-J.-F.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London-A. 1981; 378: 219-39

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Polarization effects in the diffraction of elecromagnetic waves: the

role of disclinations

AU: Nye;-J.-F.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London-A. 1983; 387: 105-32

RT: Journal-paper


TI: The wave structure of monochromatic electromagnetic radiation

AU: Nye,-J.-F.; Hajnal,-J.-V.

SO: Proceedings-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London-A. 1987; 409: 21-36

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Quantised vortex motion through rings in quantum mechanics

AU: Riess,-J.

SO: Journal-of-Physics-A. 1987; 20: 5179-88

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Wavefront geometry in excitable media

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.

SO: Physica-D. 1984; 12:321-32

RT: Journal-paper


TI: When time breaks down

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.

SO: 1987

PB: Princeton University press

RT: Book


TI: Singular filaments organize chemical waves in three dimensions. I.

Geometrically simple waves

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.; Strogatz,-S.-H.

SO: Physica-D. 1983; 8: 35-49

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Singular filaments organize chemical waves in three dimensions. II.

Twisted waves

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.; Strogatz,-S.-H.

SO: Physica-D. 1983; 9: 65-80

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Singular filaments organize chemical waves in three dimensions. III.

Knotted waves

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.; Strogatz,-S.-H.

SO: Physica-D. 1983; 9: 333-45

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Organizing centres for three-dimensional chemical waves

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.; Strogatz,-S.-H.

SO: Nature. 1984; 311: 611-5

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Singular filaments organize chemical waves in three dimensions

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.; Strogatz,-S.-H.

SO: Physica-D. 1984; 13: 221-33

RT: Journal-paper


TI: Organizing centers in a cellular excitable medium

AU: Winfree,-A.-T.; Winfree,-E.-M.; Seifert,-H.

SO: Physica-D. 1985; 17: 109-15

RT: Journal-paper



TI: Dislocations in Diffraction Patterns: Continuous Waves and Pulses

AU: Wright, -F.-J.; Nye, -J.-F.

SO: Philosophical-Transactions-of-the-Royal-Society-of-London. 1982;

305: 339-382

RT: Journal-paper