IMGS 633 Graduate Optics for Imaging, RIT, Spring 2023

	Classes: Tue, Thur 2:00-3:15pm, Carlson 2155 
	MIDTERM EXAM: Thur March 2, Carlson 2155 (one page of equations allowed ... no worked problems)
	Final Exam: Friday, May 5, 1:30am -4:00pm, Carlson 2155
Office Hours 
	Prof. Swartzlander: 
	   Monday 12-12:50pm in person (Carlson 3116), by Appointment, or via Zoom

	Teaching Assistant Office Hours: Wed 1pm via Appointment or via Zoom
	   Hongye Xu,
Documents and Emails  
Jan 16: Course Syllabus  

Jan 16: Course Outline  

Jan 16: MyCourses  

Jan 17: Jan 17 Lecture - Review 

Jan 19: Jan 19 Lecture - Spherical Waves & ABCD Matrices 

Jan 19: Homework 1 (Due in MyCourses by 1pm, Tue. 24 Jan)

Jan 27: Homework 2 (Due in MyCourses by 2pm, Tue. 31 Jan)

Jan 24: Jan 24 Lecture Ray Tracing Examples 

Jan 26: Jan 26 Lecture Ray Tracing Examples

Jan 31: Jan 31 Lecture Optical Sign Conventions for Curved Optical Surfaces

Feb 02: Feb 02 Lecture Physical Model of Refraction: Spherical Electron Model

Feb 03: Homework 3 (Due in MyCourses by 6pm, Tue. 8 Feb)

Feb 07: Feb 07 Lecture Thick Chromatic Lens

Feb 09: Feb 09 Lecture Achromatic Lens System Examples

Feb 09: Schott Glass Abbe Chart 

Feb 09: Lens Sign Conventions 

Feb 09: Homework 4 (Due in MyCourses by 9pm, Wed. 15 Feb)

Feb 14: Feb 14 Lecture  ABCD Matrix for Thick, Compound, and Chromatic Len Systems, Achromatic Examples, Principal Planes

Feb 16: Feb 16 Lecture Principal Planes conclusion, Introduction to Wave Optics: Maxwellian Fundamentals

Feb 18: Homework 5 (Due in MyCourses by midnight, Thur. 23 Feb)

Feb 21: Feb 21 Lecture The Wave Equation, The k Vector and Plane Waves, Transverse Waves, Interference of Two Tilted Plane Waves

Feb 23: Feb 23 Lecture Spherical Waves, Far-Field Paraxial Approximation, Characterstic Rayleigh Diffraction Length, Fourier Integral

Feb 28: Feb 28 Lecture Rayleigh-Sommerfeld, Fresnel, Fraunhofer Diffracction Integrals

Mar 03: Homework 6 (Due in MyCourses by 11:59pm Fri. 10 March)

Mar 07: Mar 07 Lecture Exam 1 Solutions, More on Diffraction Integrals and Introduction to Angular Spectrum (Beam Propagation) Method

Mar 07: Beam Propagation Method Notes 

Mar 09: Mar 09 Lecture Wavefront Curvature, Numerical Beam Propagation Method (Angular Spectrum Method) 

Mar 21: Lecture was not recorded owing to technical difficulties.

Mar 23: Mar 23 Lecture Fourier Optics 1: Optical field in the focal plane of a lens, given the field at the input face of the lens. 

Mar 26: Spherical Waves and Coherence 
Mar 26: Supplementary Notes on Numerical Beam Propagation 
Mar 26: Homework 7 Fourier Optics and Numerical Beam Propagation

Mar 28: Mar 28 Lecture Spatial Filtering, Spherical Wave Handdout, Speckle, Partial Coherence, Contrast

Mar 30: Mar 30 Lecture Circular Symmetry, Hankel Transform, 3.83/pi

Apr 02: Homework 8 4f Phase Contrast Optical System (due Apr 10)

Apr 04: Apr 04 Lecture Geometric Optics Image of a Point Object (infinite lens aperture)

Apr 07: Apr 07 Lecture Phase, Shift-Invariance Approximation, Physical Optics Image of A point Object (finite lens aperture)

Apr 11: Apr 11 Lecture Irradiance and Coherence

Apr 13: Apr 13 Lecture Irradiance and Coherence (cont)

Apr 18: Apr 18 Lecture Coherent and Incoherent Imaging with Transfer Functions

Apr 20: Apr 20 Lecture Incoherent Imaging using the OTF (cont), Zernike Aberrations

Apr 25: Apr 25 Lecture Image Reconstruction, Wiener Deconvolution

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