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	Grover A. Swartzlander, Jr.
	Room 3116 Bldg 76 (Carlson Bldg.)
	Rochester Institute of Technology
	Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science 
	54 Lomb Memorial Drive
	Rochester, NY  14623 
	Email:  gaspci (at)   

             (585) 475-4247 (Office) // (585) 475-5988 (Fax)
	     (585) 475-5158 (Secretary Patty Lamb)

        Publications: Google Scholar , ORCID , OSA Publishing

	Teaching Spring 2022:
		 IMGS-322 Physical Optics for Imaging 
		 IMGS-633 Graduate Optics for Imaging 

	Diffractive Solar Sails:
		 Peer-Reviewed Publications

	Ukraine Red Cross/Red Crescent:  Ukraine Emergency Appeal 
	UNICEF:  Protect Children in Ukraine 

	      Total Solar Eclipse (French New Service AFP, Ingram, Texas, 8 April 2024)  

	      Space and Things Podcast (16 June 2022)   Acast Alternative (15 June 2022)   YouTube Alternative (16 June 2022) 

	      Solar Sailing: The Beauties of Diffraction (Centauri Dreams by Paul Gilster, 7 June 2022) 

	      NASA backs diffractive solar sails (25 May 2022) 
	      NASA-Supported Solar Sail Could Take Science to New Heights (24 May 2022) 
	      Innovative Diffractive Solar Sail Funded by NASA Could Take Science to Exciting New Destinations (Science Tech Daily, 25 May 2022) 
	      Sailing Away Using Diffractive Solar Sails, with Amber Dubill (15 April 2022) 

	      Bi-Grating Beam Rider Press Stories 
	      U. Arizona OSC Seminar 
	      Planetary Society 2019 NASA NIAC Symposium (Mat Kaplan Interview) goto 1:14:20 
	      2019 NASA NIAC Symposium goto 0:28:30 
	      RIT Professor Will Develop Diffractive Solar Sails for NASA Mission
	      Solar Sailing Soundcloud Podcast (RIT Release)
	      New Solar Sailing Technology (RIT Press Release)
	      Advanced Diffractive MetaFilm Sailcraft (Motherboard)
	     Synthetic Solar Sail (Popular Mechanics)
             National Public Radio "Glitter Telescope Report
	     Jet Propulsion Lab "Glitter Cloud May Serve as Space Mirror"
	      "Light Matters" (Photonics Media)
	     Smart dust technology could reshape space telescopes (2014 press release)
	     Using light for flight (2011 press release)

	Alternate URL's:
	     GS at College of Science    
	     GS at Center for Imaging Science 
	      Astrophysics and Space Physics Institute for Research Excellence

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Grover A. Swartzlander

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