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Bill Crosby, The Black Album
The Podyum, Nashville, TN, 2000

This was a CD I recorded in Nashville, TN, with my friend Bill, who has been writing semi-country tunes. We spent about 10 minutes prior to each song, coming up with grooves. Time is money! Interesting enough, the guitar player plays with Trace Atkins and the bass player has a regular gig with Jerry Reed.

Listen to these songes at BillCrosby.com

Track 01 - My name on it
Track 02 - Unlucky in love
Track 03 - April and desiree
Track 04 - The nite we fell out of love
Track 05 - Whiskey workin' overtime
Track 06 - Believe
Track 07 - Workin' for the living time
Track 08 - Another empty midnite
Track 09 - Blood red moon
Track 10 - Masterpiece
Track 11 - 6 pack ten
Track 12 - I crawl

Bill Crosby - Rhythm Guitar, Trombone
Emmett Ientilucci - Drums
Doug Siebert - Bass
Eddie Watson - Keyboards
Terry Grant - Lead Guitar
Mark Horne - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Francie Smith - Bkgd Vocals
Kevin Owens - Pedal Steel
Joe Turley - Alto Sax
Dan Smitty - Banjo
Shawn Pody - Bkgd Vocals, Bass


Me & the Boyz II
Self Titled, Audio Magic, Buffalo, NY, 2001

Listen to the CD at MeAndTheBoyz.com

Track 01 - Ain't no stoppin us now
Track 02 - Finally
Track 03 - Love the one you're with
Track 04 - Shinning star

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