Emmett Ientilucci
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Demo Stuff

Rochester, NY, 1995
This was a tune that was written by some of the original members of Me & the Boyz. I believe greg, the keyboard player, came up with the basic tune. We never really did anything with it. But here it is anyway.

Ain't gonna miss you

Tony Defante - Vocals
Julie Pusateri - Backing Vocals
Greg Gilmore - Keyboards
Rickey Ellis - Bass
Pete Isacc - Guitar
Emmett Ientilucci - Drums


Paradigm Shift, First Shift
Studio7 Productions, Rochester, NY, 1996

The is one of my first recordings of funk/jazz music.

Track 01 - First shift
Track 02 - In frame
Track 03 - Emmett's groove
Track 04 - Tropical starlight
Track 05 - JYBO
Track 06 - August nights
Track 07 - Promise

Melvin Henderson - Guitar
Emmett Ientilucci - Drums
Prezel Prscott - Bass, Vocals
Gerry Youngmen - Keyboards, Trumpet
Marvin Williams - Saxophone on tracks 3 and 6
Terrence Bruce - Saxophone



Me & the Boyz
Self Titled, Audio Magic, Buffalo, NY, 1998

Check out the band website to listen to the CD meandtheboyz.com

Track 01 - Just wanna have some fun
Track 02 - Le freak
Track 03 - Shake your body
Track 04 - Cut the cake
Track 05 - I want you back
Track 06 - Shame
Track 07 - Knocks me off my feet
Track 08 - Ain't nobody
Track 09 - Shame - dance mix

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