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The following pages have excerpts from some of the bands I've played with over the years.


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Self titled, Funky Records, Rochester, NY, 1989

This is one of my first "bands" back in 89. We did all original music which no one ever came out to hear!

Track 01 - Khristina
Track 02 - Wherever you are

Track 03 - Footprints in the sand
Track 04 - Cry of a lonely heart

Bill Crosby - Vocals, Guitar, Keyb
Jamie Cole - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Gallucci - Bass
Emmett Ientilucci - Drums, Backing Vocals



Self titled, Rochester, NY, 1990, 1991

This was another band that played a lot of southern rock covers with some originals mixed in. I joined after the band was already established. If you are interested in this material, drop me an email.

Track 01 - Listen to your heart
Track 02 - State of emergency
Track 03 - Back in your arms
Track 04 - Find another man
Track 05 - The never ending game
Track 06 - Keep me warm
Track 07 - I feel fine
Track 08 - Gonna get you
Track 09 - Just tell me Somethin' else

J. Michael Ames - Guitars, Vocals
Tom Busmire - Bass, Vocals
Mark Cellura - Vocals, Guitars
Greg Gilmore - Keyboards, Vocals, Drum Programming
Emmett Ientilucci - Drums, Percussion
Gary Majchrzak - Guitars, Saxophones, Vocals


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