Outline of Physics 212, "University Physics II"

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"College should provide an eduation which teaches one to think and to solve problems, to write and speak effectively, to work with people, and to gain a broad view of the world." -- L. Pope

This Course is being taught in a special way: the Team Physics idea is described here.

The course is designed for you to function on the third level (Application) of Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning.

Office Hours

   Monday     12:00 - 2:00    my office (76-1268)     
   Wednesday  12:00 - 2:00    my office (76-1268) 
   Thursday   1:30 -3:30    my office (76-1268)
These are my default office hours, but I am actually available in my office much of the time. If these times do not fit your schedule, you may speak to me after class or call or email to make an appointment at another time, or if you happen to be in the Carlson Building, drop by and knock on my door.


There are several components to the final score in this course.
   45  percent  hour tests 1, 2, 3
   25  percent  final exam 
   15  percent  in-class work: quizzes, worksheets and  lab reports
   15  percent  homework (Mastering Physics)
  100  percent

Course grades are based on a total of 100 percent.

At the end of the course, I shall calculate the total score for each student. Based on the overall distribution of scores in the class, I may use the traditional means of assigning letter grades to scores ("A" for greater than 90%, "B" for 80% to 90%, etc.); or I may slide the grade boundaries downward to some degree.

Makeup tests will not be given except in rare cases approved by the Physics Dept Head. You will be allowed to substitute your final exam score for a missed test.

Final Exam Policy


University Physics with Modern Physics 13th ed., by Young and Freedman.
You might also look at some material describing measurements and calculations based upon them:

You will need a pad of good graph paper for your use in the workshop. The paper must have 10 squares per inch. The RIT bookstore sells a good variety, Ampad 10x10 Cross Section Pad, item #22-026, for $3.95. There are pdf files for graph paper available in the Student Shares area of your lab computer. You can also print graph paper here and here.

Bring to Workshop

Required Math Skills

Additional Resources

  • Some useful animations from Young and Freedman.
  • The E&M course at MIT
  • An animation of the cross product
  • HyperPhysics
  • There are pdf files for graph paper available in the Student Shares area.
  • Some useful Problem Solving proceedures
  • A handy quadratic equation calculator.
  • Professor Richmond's Math Review
  • A refresher on trigonometry and how about those trigonometric identities
  • An on-line calculus course includs a cool grapher.
  • A refresher on calculus including those easy to forget indefinite integrals.
  • even more integrals

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