Jeff Pelz received his Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester in 1995. He is the Director of the Visual Perception Laboratory and is also an associate professor of Imaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. Jeff's primary research interests include high-level visual perception; how humans extract information from images and the environment, and how that information is used in decision-making and to guide actions.

Jason Babcock is currently a graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications program at New York University. In 2002 he completed his M.S. Color Science thesis entitled, "Eye Tracking Observers during Color Image Evaluation Tasks." He is currently a part time research scientist, developing the next generation of wearable eyetrackers.

Mitchell Rosen has been a Senior Color Scientist with the Center for Imaging Science since 1998, primarily working in the Munsell Color Science Laboratory (MCSL) on research areas of color management, spectral capture systems, spectral image processing, spectral rendering systems and museum imaging. In September 2003, Mitch began splitting his time between MCSL and the VPL. In the VPL he is pursuing issues concerning the use of eye movements during complex tasks. Mitch teaches in the Imaging Science graduate program and in the MCSL Summer Short Courses and Color Management tutorials. He is also Color Imaging Editor of IS&T's Journal of Imaging Science and Technology.

Marianne Lipps is a graduate student in the Imaging Science program at RIT. Her research will utilize image processing techniques to investigate how the human visual system chooses locations for saccadic eye movements in different tasks, including visual search.

Mary Ellen Arndt is a graduate student in the Information Technology program at RIT, and will be concentrating in Human Computer Interaction. Her research will investigate the distribution of visual attention by deaf and hearing students in a typical classroom environment.

Zaira Catteneo is a visiting scholar from the University of Pavia, Italy, where she is working on a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. She will be conducting research on passive and active processes in visuo-spatial working memory.

Feng Li is a Ph.D. student in the Imaging Science program at RIT. He completed his Masters in Optical Engineering at Zhejiang University in China. His research interests include development of eyetracking hardware and algorithms.