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Michael Pierce

Research Interests

  • Experimental physics
  • condensed matter physics
  • surface science
  • magnetism
  • x-ray science
  • phase transitions

  • Page:

Pierce, M.S., Dynamics of Au (100) Surface in Electrolytes: In-Situ Coherent X-ray Scattering., Physical Review B, 86, pp. 085410- (2013)

Pierce, M.S., Epitaxial oxide bilayer on Pt (001) nanofacets, Journal of Chemical Physics, 136, pp. 044704- (2013)

Pierce, M.S., Study of Electrode Surface Dynamics Using Coherent Surface X-ray Scattering, Electrochemica Acta, 82, pp. 570- (2013)

Pierce, M.S., Coherent X-ray Scattering Experiments of Pt (001) Surface Dynamics near a Roughening Transition, Physical Review B, 86, pp. 184108-184108-6 (2012)

Pierce, M.S.; Davies, J.E.; Turner, J.J.; Chesnel, E.E.; Fullerton, E.E.; Hailstone, R.K.; Devan, S.D.; Kortright, J.B.; Liu, K; Sorenson, L.B.; York, B.R.; Hellwig, O, The Influence of Structural Disorder on Magnetic Domain Formation in Ferromagnetic Thin Films, Physical Review B, submitted (2012)