Take an Imaging Science Class as an Elective

So you want to take an elective from the Imaging Science department and you are not sure which classes you might be able to jump into or what preparation you would need? Hopefully this page will help you out.

The most important part of this process is to make sure you have the correct math and physics background. Many of our classes require the Project-Based Calculus sequence and/or the University Physics series of classes. If your major requires you to take another version of the classes in these disciplines, talk with your advisor and see if it makes sense for you to take the abovementioned classes instead. Explain your plan, why you want to do this, and it will likely not be a problem. If graduate school in a science or engineering related topic is in your future, then this is probably going to be a requirement anyway.

Depending on your background you may already be set to take

  • 1051-211 Programming for Imaging Science
  • 1051-215 Imaging Science Fundamentals
  • 1051-217 Fundamentals of Astronomical Imaging
  • 1051-253 Freshman Imaging Project I
  • 1051-253 Freshman Imaging Project II
  • 1051-253 Freshman Imaging Project III
  • 1051-350 Vision & Psychophysics
  • 1051-xxx Earth Systems I
  • 1051-xxx Earth Systems II

If you have taken the Project-Based Calculus sequence, then you are eligible to take the following classes

  • 1051-320 Linear Algebra & Fourier Mathematics for Imaging Science
  • 1051-361 Digital Image Processing I
  • 1051-462 Digital Image Processing II
  • 1051-553 Mathematical Methods for Imaging Science

In addition, if you have taken the University Physics sequence, then you are also eligible for

  • 1051-300 Introduction to Imaging Systems
  • 1051-303 Geometrical Optics
  • 1051-370 Radiometry
  • 1051-402 Color Science
  • 1051-455 Physical Optics
  • 1051-465 Detectors

Obviously some of these classes are prerequisites for other listed, so please check the course descriptions on our Typical Course of Study page or stop by the Center and speak with any one of our faculty.

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