Stories about our People

Undergraduate Stories

Undergraduate student builds tabletop Schlieren System with help from CIS Microgrants Program

Undergraduate Takes Full Advantage of Opportunities at Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science

CIS Student Picked as John Wiley Jones Scholar

Keeping the Spirit of Innovation Alive

CIS Undergraduate Sleuths Origins of Historic Documents at Library of Congress

Imaging Science Undergraduates Tackle Ambitious Summer Research Projects

East Aurora Resident Images Artifacts at Boston Public Library

Motion Picture Science Students Bring Their 3D Vision to RIT

Graduate Stories

Young Stars Reveal Their Secrets in Rochester Backyard

The Student Perspective: Imaging Science at RIT

Astrophysics Ph.D. gives Trombley momentum

Imaging Science Doctoral Candidate Teaches ‘Computers to Understand Images’

CIS Student Enhances Digital Reconstruction of Tumors: Presents Findings at San Diego Medical Imaging Conference

Doctoral Student Takes Her Archeological Imaging Research On the Road

Imaging Science Grad Student Responds to Disaster Needs

Innovative Image De-Noising Method Helps Diagnose Schizophrenia

RIT Imaging Science Doctoral Students Win National Awards

First year doctoral student co-authors study on stable optical lift

Alumni Stories

Tales From The Third Dimension

CIS Alumnus Takes on Instrumental Role in Next Landsat Satellite

CIS Undergraduate Research Sparks Prestigious Professorship in Astronomy

Intern Stories

Intern Class of 2011: Emily Thompson

Intern Class of 2005: Jason Brown

Intern Class of 2004: Elissa Reidy

Intern Class of 2012: Nicholas Ng

Intern Class of 2007: Meghan Dorn

Intern Class of 2005: Allison Bright

Intern Class of 2011: Jason Mitchell

Intern Class of 2002: Matthew Heimbueger

Intern Class of 2010: Cicely DiPaulo

Intern Class of 2012: Sadie Wolters

Intern Class of 2011: Elaine Ferrara

Intern Class of 2010: Octavia Rhim

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