Improved Acquisition Technique of Underdrawings in Oil-Paintings Using IR-Reflectography

Chad Weiner


Forms of infrared analysis have been widely used to evaluate underdrawings in works of art. Although infrared analysis offers an easy yet nondestructive means of removing the overlying paint from the underdrawings without any damage to the painting, rarely has an underdrawing been fully exposed by any method of infrared analysis. This limited success is due to several factors, including paint layers or other artifacts that absorb and scatter most of the infrared radiation and underdrawings that do not reflect infrared radiation. This thesis proposes additional steps be taken in the infrared reflectography method to help solve one of these problems. It is possible to expose a larger portion of the underdrawing by using approximations of the Kubelka-Munk theory to evaluate the infrared and visible radiation reflected by a painting.


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